Salami de Sant'Angelo
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Salame Sant'Angelo

Salame S. Angelo PGI is a large-grained stuffed charcuterie product, obtained through the processing of prestigious cuts originating from pigs belonging to the Italian Large White, Landrace and Duroc breeds or other similar breeds compatible with the Italian Heavy Pig.

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The organoleptic characteristics are a fundamental requirement of the nutritional quality of the product, in large part related to the choices of natural ingredients, the craftsmanship but especially the seasoning that takes advantage of a unique microclimate of this area of ​​the hills Nebrodi and quality of pigs, reared genuine products as acorns, beans and bran.
Is obtained with a mixture of meat grade thigh, loin, ribs and bacon. Are in fact discarded the less noble parts such as pillow, neck, limbs and lard. The meat is cut into strip and reduced to pieces by the characteristic cut “tip of the knife.”
We then move to the “consa” that takes place in a wooden cupboard using coarse salt and ground black pepper.
Following mixing by hand to facilitate the homogeneous distribution of the components. The period of maturation is treated with great care. Depending on the type of casing used, the duration can vary from 20 to 100 days.
The microclimate of this area does the rest, positively influencing the microbial flora and the biochemical processes and giving the salami its typical and inimitable characteristics.

Salame S. Angelo PGI takes its name from the town where it is produced. Its history has been documented since the Arab-Norman period. During the XI Century, the Normans introduced new customs to the Sicilian territory, including the use of pork, which was in contrast to the habits established by the Arabian dominators, who prohibited the use of pig meat. Over time, Sant’ Angelo has been the jealous guardian of a unique Sicilian tradition. This is confirmed by many important historic documents, among which, a resolution adopted in the mid XIX Century, which established a tax on products with the highest economic interest; salami was one of these products.

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Leckere Salami
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Sehr gut gewürzte Salami. Das Fett fördert den guten Geschmack. Sehr lecker!

By Hans-Dieter L. the 12/02/2022
piace a tutti
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il salame di Sant'angelo è buono personalmente mi ha riportata indietro nel tempo quando in vacanza a Messina a tavola non mancava mai. Ne farò presto un'altra scorta. grazie.

By GIUSEPPINA G. the 03/15/2022
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By carlo m. the 05/27/2021
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Tuffo nel passato quando il nonno me lo portava a Milano... è lui il Salame S.Angelo! Sapore della tradizione e qualità eccellente. Lo comprerò di nuovo! Grazie!

By elena s. the 06/29/2020