Myrtle Liquor
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Myrtle of Bacchus Liqueur

Myrtle Liqueur contains all the perfume of Mediterranean brush.  Is made from the berries (red myrtle) and leaves (white myrtle) of Myrtus Communis. 

  • 50 cl.

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Myrtle of Bacchus is a liqueur with a characteristic flavor and aroma. It is produced using exclusively the berries of Myrtus communis, harvested by hand in winter on the coastal strip of the Nebrodi Mountains.

Production process:

The preparation takes place by leaving the berries and alcohol to infuse for about 60 days. After this period, the syrup of water and sugar is filtered and added to bring it to the final gradation.


It is a very rich and delicious liqueur to drink, suitable for any time of day and, especially after a good meal, for its excellent digestive qualities.

Ideal for those who want to offer their guests a unique and different liqueur and for those who want to rediscover the ancient flavors of the past.

It can be drunk neat, cold or at room temperature depending on the season, it can be stored in the freezer.

INGREDIENTS: Myrtle berries, alcohol infusion, granulated sugar, water

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