List of products by winery Vasari Azienda Agricola

Their estate was one of the first wine estates in Sicily to adopt organic techniques. Wines produced by Vasari are made without the use of chemicals, additives or synthetic chemicals.

Vasari is located on the hills of the Mela river valley, close to Santa Lucia del Meta.

The vineyards face northwest and west at an elevation of 250 – 300 meters above sea level.

The Vasari estate prides itself on the adoption of organic methods during every phase of their production cycle.

Commitment to low productivity per hectare helps ensure quality wine, including their flagship Mamertino Vasari.

Mamertino Rosso DOC Vasari
Deep red colour , bearing fruit with a distinctive character , full-bodied , big and persisting on the palate. Aged for six months in small American oak barrels. Grape varieties : Nero d'Avola and Nocera.