White Wines

White Wines

Far from being stuck in the past, however, Sicily also holds its own with exciting blends, such as the traditional Chardonnay varietal with natives Grillo, Inzolia, Cataratto, Grecanico. White wines stand out for freshness, minerality and aromatic complexity. 

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Angimbè Cusumano
It takes its name from the woods of the town of Salemi. Angimbé, a wine marked by its scent ranging from the perfume of fresh flowers to that of ripe fruit, is born from the union of the Sicilian personality of Insolia grapes and the elegance of Chardonnay grapes.

Altavilla della Corte Grillo Firriato
Obtained from 100% Grillo grapes, Altavilla della Corte di Firriato is a Sicilian white wine with a delicate perfume with notes of almond and melon and floral fragrances of lavender and broom.
Santagostino Bianco Firriato
Santagostino di Firriato is an elegant, sophisticated and characterful Sicilian white wine made from Catarratto and Chardonnay grapes. The minerality of the land, the freshness of the floral and fruity scents of Catarratto and the complexity of the Chardonnay fermented in barrique blend in a balanced way in a wine that is sought after all over the world.
Fiano Mandrarossa
Calcareous soils with the typical white stones, locally called “ciaca bianca”, afford the ideal conditions for fiano. The result is a wine that expresses an extraordinary balance of scents and minerality.

Costadune GrecanicoDorato DOC Mandrarossa
With good fresh flavour, delicate citrus fruit bouquet and clean aftertaste, this makes an attractive inexpensive white. Grecanico, related to the garganega of Soave and greco di tufo, has adapted well to the Sicilian climate.
Anthìlia Donnafugata
Fresh and Mediterranean, Anthilia expresses a precise personality tied to fruity and floral, round and elegant sensations. A very versatile wine, ideal with fish and vegetarian first and second courses.
Chardonnay Mandrarossa
Vibrant slight straw yellow with hints of green. Rich, ripe green apple aromas, with sweet & fruity, gentle overtones of orchard blossoms, macadamia nuts and honey. On the palate, soft and rich, deep fruit, fat on the middle palate and great extract lead to a long, rich, fat round finish, almost viscous.
Corvo Glicine Corvo
Corvo Glicine di Corvo is a Sicilian white wine made from white berried grapes, which give the wine a straw yellow color with a fruity and slightly aromatic scent.
Lighea Donnafugata
Lighea by Donnafugata is a Sicilian white wine, a dry version of Zibibbo. It has a rich aromatic bouquet in which floral notes of orange blossom, hints of citrus fruits such as cedar and bergamot, and of exotic fruits, the lychee, stand out.
Calanìca Chardonnay Duca di Salaparuta
Fresh and elegant, Calanìca Chardonnay by Duca di Salaparuta is a captivating and balanced Sicilian white wine. Excellent for an aperitif to be enjoyed with friends.
Casalj Alcamo Classico Doc Vigna Rapitalà
A document of 1340 chronicles a dispute before the royal, court concerning the possession of a particularly sought after fief in the district of "Casalj Rabitallavi”. This was the ancient name of Tenuta Rapitalà. Vigna Casalj di Rapitalà is a Sicilian white wine made from Catarratto grapes, with clear Mediterranean references of sage, tomato leaf and capers. The terroir gives it freshness and minerality.
Piano Maltese Bianco Rapitalà
Catarratto and chardonnay grapes give this wine fresh Mediterranean scents and a savoury, elegant flavour with a typical hint of bitter almonds. Piano Maltese is the heart of the Tenuta Rapitalà, gentle hills at between 300 and 600 metres altitude, which, because of their history, terrain and climate endow wines with a special character. 
Viognier Mandrarossa
Viognier is a grape variety that does not tolerate drought and prefers lands near water sources, locally called “senie”, which give the wine intense and pervasive scents.

Insolia Cusumano
Cold pressing with skins and first fermentation at a temperature of 8°C for around 12 hours, soft second pressing. Cold decanting and fermentation at a temperature of 18-20°C, period on the lees in stainless steel containers at least 4 months, and successive fining in the bottle.
Maria Costanza Bianco Milazzo
Very intense and characteristic of a green Inzolia clone, featuring original and delicate essences; flowery, fruity, with an overall predominance of citrus and tropical fruits. 
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Charme Bianco Firriato
Charme is a wine for fun and carefree moments; dynamic with all of the enthusiasm and liveliness of talented young people. It is capable of creating surprising and delightful atmospheres of matchless elegance and beauty in the sign of its distinguished style and natural suavity. 
Le Sabbie Etna Bianco Firriato
Etna Bianco di Firriato is a Sicilian wine of great inspiration, with a full taste and rich in texture with a persistent flavor. With a long expression, freshness and fragrance, it is a vivid example of Etna white wines for the olfactory and gustatory suggestions that it brings as a dowry.
Grillo Costadune Mandrarossa
A straw yellow hue with a pleasant and delicate perfume of tropical fruits and floral notes. Harmonious, fresh and round palate with a long finish of mineral notes.
BENEDÈ Catarratto DOC Alessandro di Camporeale
“Catarratto” is one of the oldest native grape variety in Sicily. Widely cultivated in the western region of the island, it is one of the leading Sicilian white grape varieties today. A very drinkable wine with persuasive and enjoyable flavors and a crunchy fruit taste. Benedè is a traditional wine, invaluable proof of Catarratto grapes, that have been cultivated in Sicily for a long time.
KAID Sauvignon DOC Alessandro di Camporeale
Kaid Sauvignon is the perfect combination between varietal notes and peculiarities of territory. It was born from the vineyards planted in 2004 at 330 meters above sea level, in a clay and sandy soil. It’s an elegant and refined wine that will charm you with its inexhaustible weaving and its enveloping energy. You will love its saltiness and its enjoyable finish that recalls freshly picked almonds
SP68 BIANCO - Arianna Occhipinti
SP68, the name of a road, for a wine that is a journey. That of the peasants who already three thousand years ago left the countryside with the amphorae, and then the barrels, and inside the fruit of their labor, the effort, the joy, again the smell of the earth.
Prio Donnafugata Catarratto DOC Sicilia
With strong citrus scents and floral notes, Prio di Donnafugata is a white wine produced from Lucido grapes. Intense and fragrant, Prio gives joy to the first sip.
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SurSur Grillo Donnafugata
Brilliant straw yellow, on the nose SurSur offers a fresh bouquet with notes of white fleshed fruit (peach and plum) combined with scents of wildflowers. A soft palate, the fruity notes return combined with pleasant freshness.
Calanìca Grillo Duca di Salaparuta
Calanìca Grillo Duca di Salaparuta is a contemporary and lively Sicilian wine that allows you to taste the intense and fruity aromas of the Mediterranean scrub.
Oniris Bianco Duca di Salaparuta
Produced from aromatic Sicilian grapes, Oniris Bianco is a wine with a contemporary, fresh and fruity taste. Ideal to be enjoyed with friends in moments of relaxation as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to ethnic appetizers.
Jasmin Zibibbo Firriato
Jasmin Zibibbo is an elegant and full-flavored wine thanks to the aromatic characteristic of this autochthonous vine made dry. Well represents the sunshine of Sicily and the Mediterranean charm.
Lucido Cusumano
Made from autochthonous Catarratto Extra-Lucido grapes, Lucido di Cusumano is a Sicilian white wine that takes its name from the brightness of the grapes of the vine. It is characterized by a marked acidity compared to the common Catarratto.
Shamaris Cusumano
The Shamaris of Cusumano is a Sicilian wine produced from native Grillo grapes. The name recalls the nearby sea and its air carried by the north winds. The hilly altitude of the vineyards favors the development of aromas and freshness.
Jacquère Domaine Jean Vullien
Freshness and purity of the terroir distinguish Jacquère from the Jean Vullien winery. It is a white wine from Savoy with a delicate but intense flavor due to its minerality.