List of products by cellars Zenato

The Azienda Zenato has always forged strong links with local history and culture, both that of centuries past and that still forming today, and links just as deep with the land that gives us the wines we produce. Equally important to us is a passionate dedication to vigorous research and innovation, to relentless quality improvement. All of this has made Azienda Zenato an ambassador for quality, for dedication, for a frank and simple way of life.

“We are proud to represent, too, the area of Lugana, where our unremitting efforts have contributed to its recent growth and rediscovery. Alongside our passion for the land, we have also shown far-sighted business acumen by investing in nearby Valpolicella; our presence in this area will give us the welcome ability to improve and grow our presence in Italy and in the world. Our family is proud to cling to those values, that dedication, that frank and simple approach that have helped us become such a thriving enterprise. For all these reasons, we believe that we are ideally suited to completely satisfy every wine-lover looking for an affordable wine of superb distinctiveness and exceptional quality.