Specialist shipping packages, UPS offers tailored solutions to meet all your requirements. UPS delivers your package to quickly and securely.

Service Benefits:

  • simple service to use and standard throughout Europe.
  • brand UPS affirmed throughout the EU and ISO certificate
  • recognized guarantee delivery reliability with over two million parcels delivered per day
  • computer system integrated barcode for absolute traceability.

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The countries we ship to:

  • United Kingdom  
  • Germany 
  • Francia 
  • Belgio, Luxemburgo, Olanda 
  • Austria 
  • Danimarca
  • Finlandia, Irlanda, Portogallo
  • Svezia, Spagna
  • Slovenia, Switzerland
  • Estonia, Lettonia, Lituania 
  • Czech Republic, Slovakia 
  • Polonia, Ungheria