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Federico II Milazzo
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VINESTOCK USED: three different Chardonnay clones, white Pinot and a very small amount of White from black-skinned grapes. HARVESTING: carried out by hand, just when the technical experts say it’s the right time to make the best sparkling wine base. The grapes are placed in 14kg plastic containers, sterilised with hot water jets after each usage.

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Organic Cicerchia online sale
Cicerchia - Organic Legumes of Sicily
Cicerchia is a little known but no less good legume than lentils, chickpeas or beans. Produced from organic cultivation, our cicerchia is rich in proteins and is considered among the best grain legumes for food quality. Typical Sicilian product, the cicerchia has recently been rediscovered and is used to make gourmet dishes.
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Organic Wrinkled Chickpea
Chickpea is nutritionally rich. It is an excellent source of high-quality protein, with a wide range of essential amino acids. It is high in dietary fiber and hence a healthy source of carbohydrates for persons with insulin sensitivity or diabetes. It is low in fat and most of this is polyunsaturated. It also provides dietary phosphorus, magnesium, iron and zinc.
Tuma Persa
The resulting cheese was dubbed Tuma Persa, or “Lost Cheese,” and not only can it substitute for provolone, but could very well replace it. Tuma Persa is extremely flavorful, but not salty. Made from raw cow’s milk, it has an earthy taste with a sharp finish.