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Sicilian Black Bee Mandarin Honey
Mandarin Honey - Sicilian Black Bee Honey
The Sicilian Black Bee Mandarin Honey is a Slow Food Presidium. Produced in Sicily, in the Palermo area, it is a very fragrant spring honey. Mandarin honey, like all spring honeys, is a delicate honey with a very pleasant aroma. Ciaculli Late Mandarin Honey from Ape Nera Sicula is a Sicilian nectar recommended for its calming properties.
Cucunci from Salina with salt
Precious fruits of the Caper of Salina - Azienda Agricola Mirabito
The Cucunci DOP from Salina are the prized fruit of the caper plant grown on the island of Salina for over 50 years by the Mirabito farm. Preservation in sea salt keeps the fragrance and their properties unaltered. Extraordinarily aromatic, the Cucunci from Salina are excellent for enhancing the taste of any dish with their persistent flavour.