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Passiperduti Donnafugata
Passiperduti by Donnafugata is a pure Grillo of great elegance and complexity, versatile and intriguing to combine with different dishes, from aperitifs to desserts. Good structure, flavor and persistence for a white wine with a floral and poetic soul. In fact, he manages to evoke some lines from Giacomo Leopardi's "Infinity". The same name Passiperduti and the label of the bottle are a reminder of the serenity and inner peace you feel when contemplating nature.
Amaro Unicum Riserva
Unicum Riserva - Prestigious Amaro with Herbs
Unicum Riserva is an exclusive amaro obtained from the distillation of over 40 botanicals and subjected to double aging. It has a sweet and sour, velvety and seductive taste, in which the bitter notes of botanicals combine with the sweetness and silkiness of honey, typical characteristics of Tokaji. It is a luxury end of meal to be served in purity to capture all its uniqueness.
Lavico Bianco Duca di Salaparuta
Làvico Etna Bianco DOC - Duca di Salaparuta
Lavico Bianco by Duca di Salaparuta is a savory but at the same time fresh and balanced Etna wine. Obtained from Carricante grapes, an indigenous vine of the Etna area, this white wine surprises for its minerality and structure given to it by the extraordinary volcanic terroir. A lively Etna white wine with unexpected longevity.
MaKiSè - Fina winery
Produced with the Charmat method, MaKiSè by Fina wineries is a young sparkling wine from 100% Grillo grapes. Fermentation in autoclave at low temperature gives it freshness and vivacity. Fruity notes and pleasant sapidity for a good white wine, evocative of the scents and the sea of Sicily.
Rum Diplomatico
Diplomatic Rum - Ron de Venezuela DOC
A complex and elegant tasting rum, the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is a blend of reserve rums aged up to twelve years. Made in Venezuela at the foot of the Andes by Destilerías Unidas S.A. (DUSA), a family business, the Rum Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is recognized as one of the best rums in the world, so much so that it boasts the denomination "Ron de Venezuela DOC".
Gin Mare
Gin Mare - Mediterranean Gin
For your gin-based cocktails choose Gin Mare. Produced in Spain with quality botanicals, it is a Premium Gin resulting from the skilful and rigorous craftsmanship of the Giro family that has been producing a unique and extraordinary distillate for generations. An excellent gin that contains the aromas of 8 botanicals typical of the Mediterranean scrub macerated separately in cereal alcohol and then mixed in a balanced way to enhance all the aromas.
Important Bitter Jefferson - Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Jefferson - Amaro Important!
Jefferson is a natural and authentic amaro like its territory of origin, Calabria. It is born from the union of the infusions of the best Calabrian citrus fruits selected and hand-picked, with the infusion of bittering botanicals of the Mediterranean scrub in grain alcohol. The result is an Important amaro, with a Mediterranean and complex taste.
Authentic Rural Gin Gil - Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Gin Gil - Authentic Rural Gin!
Gil is an Authentic Rural gin produced in Calabria. "Low altitude" juniper and Rocca Imperiale IGP lemons are the main botanicals of this precious distillate which represents a hymn to the Calabrian territory. Drunk neat it shows its Mediterranean character. Great for fresh and original gin and tonics.
Madame Milù - Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Madame Milù - Liqueur to drink as needed
Balsamic liqueur "to drink as needed", Madame Milù of Vecchio Magazzino Doganale is an innovative and highly digestive Calabrian liqueur obtained by separate infusions and distillation of selected botanicals from its own lands. What makes it unique is the use of a secret composition of medicinal herbs.
Bitter extra strong Roger - Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Roger Extra Strong - Keep Under the Bench!
Roger is a bitter and it is also an amaro. Born from the union of the infusions of the best hand-picked Calabrian citrus fruits, with the infusion of bitter botanicals in grain alcohol. The result is a counter-current bitter and amaro, with a persistent taste and a strong, pungent and austere character.
Bergamotto Fantastico - Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Fantastic Bergamot - Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Produced with Calabrian citrus par excellence, we offer Bergamot Fantastico, a digestive liqueur with an aromatic taste obtained by infusing the fragrant bergamot of the "Fantastico" variety in cereal alcohol.