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We feature local products, cheese, sausage, gourmet sandwiches, deli items, meat. Best online shop offering a large selection of  cheeses and Sausage. We offer a selection of Sicilian cold-cut meats and cheeses. For example, Pecorino and Pork Black of Nebrodi hams, Guanciale and Pancetta. Coppa and Lardo. You will also find sausage and salami which includes Pistachios and Chilli. And much, much more!
Our extensive cheese range includes: Pecorino with Pistachio, provola of Nebrodi, Ragusano and Maiorchino

Provola dei Nebrodi DOP
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Originally from Floresta, in the Messina area, but produced in many municipalities on the slopes of the Nebrodi Mountains, our Provola dei Nebrodi DOP is one of the oldest and most popular Sicilian stretched curd cheeses, so much so that it has obtained, as a guarantee of quality, the DOP recognition from European Commission, Class 1.3 Cheeses.
Prosciutto di Suino Nero dei Nebrodi
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It is produced exclusively from the meat of  black pigs bred in the Nebrodi Mountains. This  native breed falls into one 144 principals of Slow Food and is inserted in the archive of Quality Products from the italian Coldiretti (Italian Farmers Association).Every ham has a certificate of traceability.
Robiola Fresca
Goat cheese obtained by lactic coagulation, with a soft texture and creamy, with a delicate slightly sour taste and a slight hint goat. It 'a fresh, highly digestible and low in cholesterol. It is suitable to be blended with spices and herbs, or served with jam, fruit mustard or honey brown. Great, even as a complement of condiments of pasta dishes.
Salsiccia di Suino Nero dei Nebrodi
The Nero Siciliano, also called black swine of Nebrodi, is an autochthonous Sicilian breed of very ancient origin. This pig is reared under extensive or semi-extensive management mainly in the Nebrodi mountains of the Messina province in the island of Sicily. 
Capocollo di Suino Nero dei Nebrodi
CAPOCOLLO FROM THE BLACK PIG it is produced exclusively from the meat of the black pig bred in Nebrodi. It takes its name from the cut of the loin nearest to the head of the pig.   
Lardo di suino nero dei Nebrodi
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The suino Black of the Nebrodi, fruit of secular an evolutionary process, is raised to the state semibrado and brado in wide zones used after pasture. The lardo of this animal it introduces detached dowries of quality and genuinità and comes used is to the fresh, seasoned state it is tanned with chili pepper.