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Sicilian beer

The Beer is a one-of-a-kind Sicilian craft beer that was born in the heart of Sicily, from the ancient grain. Whether red or blonde, they all have in common the quality of the ingredients: water, barley, hops and – for some time now – also special typical local ingredients, such as the prickly pear. Some firms have already decided to use this typical Sicilian fruit to produce their beer.

Beer Leonia Brewery Kottabos
Leonia Beer is a perfect craft beer with medium and low seasoned meats and cheeses. It expresses complex notes of red fruits, yellow flowers (broom, lime, mimosa) and tropical fruits such as papaya and mango. In the mouth it has a lively and fragrant taste with hints of hops and malt.
Beer Despina Brewery Kottabos
Despina beer is a delicious craft beer with raw fish, fresh cheeses, crustaceans, pizzas, savory and rustic pies. Particularly suitable also as an aperitif.
Beer Berenice Brewery Kottabos
The perfect balance between malt and hops, highlights notes of honey, licorice and tobacco. With a medium body and moderate carbonation, it releases a soft sweetness that releases a sweet and round taste to the palate.
Beer Moriana Brewery Kottabos
Moriana is a dark, intriguing and refined beer, characterized by toasted and smoked malts on aged beech wood, with an intense and subtle foam. Smoky notes are perceived on the nose with hints of tobacco, leather and coffee.
Beer Ipazia Brewery Kottabos
Ipazia beer is soft on the palate, very pleasant, smooth and clean. The attack is almost sweet, the bitterness makes you wait when you arrive right at the end, fruity and citrusy. The bitterness of the hops remains and grows in the finish, remaining pleasantly with elegant sensations of herbaceous-citrusy bitterness.
Beer Rubra Brewery Irias
Ruba Irias is a red beer with a strong character, a bitter taste but balanced by the sweetness of the malts. The aromas of plum, caramel, toasted malt intersect with the floral of English hops.
Beer Nigra Brewery Irias
Birra Nigra Irias is a dark beer in the Imperial Stout style. It has aromas of coffee, chocolate, hazelnut, licorice. Full taste, persistent velvety, balanced bitterness, impenetrable black color.
Beer Indica Brewery Irias
Indica Irias beer has all the flavor and color of Sicily, the first with Sicilian prickly pear. Unique sensations await you: the aroma of prickly pear, the sweetness of the malt, the bitterness of the hops come together in a mix that becomes intoxicating.
Beer Al Zabir Brewery Irias
From the encounter between sun-dried Zibibbo grapes and barley malt, Al Zabir is born, a Barley Wine-style beer, the color of the setting sun. Important body with hints of apricot, orange honey, dried figs
Beer of the Straits Unfiltered Messina Brewery
The unfiltered beer of the Strait comes from the ancient Messina brewing tradition. Intense taste, strong and full-bodied on the palate. It will accompany the warm summer evenings, sincere laughter or a solitary break, and at each course it will stop time to enjoy the moments.
Birra dello Stretto Birrificio Messina
Birra dello Stretto is a high quality product with excellent notes on the nose and on the palate. Of course, in support of the best Messina tradition, it will be able to behave like a "bridge over the strait": this beer can only unite.
Birra dello Stretto Gran Premio Tre Luppoli
For the most refined palates we recommend Birra dello Stretto Gran Premio Tre Luppoli, a pure malt amber lager, with a low fermentation with a strong, pleasantly bitter taste.
Birra dello Stretto La Rossa - Messina Brewery
After the blondes, there is also the Birra dello Stretto La Rossa. The strength of a heroic enterprise in this intensely flavored red beer. A strong and robust citrus taste with a persistent aroma. A determined soul, like that of the 15 master brewers who continue not to give up.