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Through the productions of spirits, bitters, typical liquors, handcrafted  and creams liqueurs has taken up the objective of keeping tradition, exalting the fragrances of Sicily and showing love toward their land in guaranteeing authenticity and quality. The prime materials used (citrus, herbs, various fruits), after being collected, are immediately treated using craftsmanship methods in order to keep intact their unmistakable aromas and beneficial properties. 

Florio Amaro Della Compagnia
Amaro Florio Elisir of the Company – Typical Sicilian Amaro
At the end of the meal let yourself be conquered by the Amaro Florio, a amaro with a long tradition and a strong personality, produced according to an ancient secret recipe. Amaro Florio is also known as Amaro or Elisir della Compagnia because during the 1800s it was reserved exclusively for the crews of the vessels of the Compagnia di Navigazione Florio which transported colonial foodstuffs and spices from the Far East.
Lemon Liqueur
This liqueur is the result of a patient process that uses selected raw materials and first choice ingredients. A traditional recipe prepared for slow infusion of fresh Sicilian lemons and orange blossom honey.
The Busker - Whiskey Single Grain
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The Busker - Single Grain is one of the whiskeys that summarizes the choice of spirits with high quality value, matured inside Bourbon barrels in the United States and in the only Marsala barrels, coming from one of the oldest Sicilian cellars: Florio 1833.
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Rum Diplomatico
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Diplomatic Rum - Ron de Venezuela DOC
A complex and elegant tasting rum, the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is a blend of reserve rums aged up to twelve years. Made in Venezuela at the foot of the Andes by Destilerías Unidas S.A. (DUSA), a family business, the Rum Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is recognized as one of the best rums in the world, so much so that it boasts the denomination "Ron de Venezuela DOC".
Authentic Rural Gin Gil - Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
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Gin Gil - Authentic Rural Gin!
Gil is an Authentic Rural gin produced in Calabria. "Low altitude" juniper and Rocca Imperiale IGP lemons are the main botanicals of this precious distillate which represents a hymn to the Calabrian territory. Drunk neat it shows its Mediterranean character. Great for fresh and original gin and tonics.
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Amaro Averna
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Averna has always been a guarantee of high quality and reliability, and thanks to its wide product range, it is suitable to have any time of day with its harmonious tastes joining tradition and modernity. 

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Grappa Harmonium Riserva Firriato
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Harmonium Grappa riserva is a blend of acquavite of different vintages, distilled over a maximum period of 5 years and aged in barrels of limousine oak, beech, chestnut, mulberry and cherry. Each type of wood contributes to a specific characterization of absolute authenticity and craftsmanship.

Cinnamon Rosolio
Cinnamon Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Buy Cinnamon Rosolio in our store, an artisanal liqueur that will make you rediscover the scent of oriental spices. The intense aroma of cinnamon and the soft taste of this Sicilian liqueur with digestive properties will pleasantly accompany your desserts.
Rump@blic - Sicilian Legacy Florio Barbados
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This Rum was born mainly in Sicily, precisely in Marsala. A rum originally from Barbabos is refined in the historic Florio cellars located within the Sicilian territory.
Thanks to the special climate of the Florio cellars, which are located 300 meters from the Mediterranean Sea, this complex, rounded and unique alcohol is obtained.
The Busker - Whiskey Single Malt
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The Busker - Single Malt Whiskey is one of the most prominent liqueurs in the tradition of the Royal Oak Distillery, located in Ireland.
With a classic and artisanal style, its workmanship uses the highest quality barley, coming from local cultivations.
Perfect for all whiskey lovers, even the most demanding ones.
Prickly pear Rosolio
Prickly Pear Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Among our choice of Sicilian products, we cannot miss the Rosolio di Ficodindia, made with prickly pears from Etna. Let yourself be seduced by the scent and color of this artisanal prickly pear liqueur, perfect for any occasion.
Rump@blic - Sicilian Legacy Florio Jamaica
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Rump@blic Sicilian Legacy Jamaica takes back the characteristics of the original country, with strong Sicilian notes, given by the use of the very famous Sicilian Marsala.
A perfect combination to amaze all lovers of rum and quality spirits.
The Busker - Whiskey Single Pot Still
Whiskey Single Pot Still is the most typical and characteristic representation of Irish whiskey, made by the Royal Oak Distillery.
Loved by enthusiasts, it is made using malted barley and unmalted barley, with refinement on fine woods.
Perfect for those looking for authentic and elegant taste.
The Merlot of Nonino Grappa Monovitigno
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Grappa Nonino Il Merlot – 100% Artisan distillation
Soft and seductive, Grappa Nonino Il Merlot is a single-varietal distillate obtained from Merlot pomace selected from suitable areas and distilled with the discontinuous artisan distillation in copper steam stills. Drunk at the end of a meal or at any time of the day, Nonino's Grappa Il Merlot is a source of true pleasure.
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Gin Mare
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Gin Mare - Mediterranean Gin
For your gin-based cocktails choose Gin Mare. Produced in Spain with quality botanicals, it is a Premium Gin resulting from the skilful and rigorous craftsmanship of the Giro family that has been producing a unique and extraordinary distillate for generations. An excellent gin that contains the aromas of 8 botanicals typical of the Mediterranean scrub macerated separately in cereal alcohol and then mixed in a balanced way to enhance all the aromas.
Amaro Nebros
Nebros is an homemade alcoholic digestive bitter produced in a natural way according to an ancient recipe that preserves all the vegetable components of the bitter, with the infusion of roots, medicinal plants, berries and natural aromas.This bitter is produced without adding any additives.
It is obtained by the natural maceration in alcohol of the peel of lemons, oranges and tangerines. These ingredients give the liqueur a strong aroma as well as a very strong taste. Citrus fruit should be enjoyed both as an aperitif and as a digestive after meals.
lo Chardonnay Aged 12 months in barriques
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Nonino Chardonnay Grappa aged 12 months, ideal for all lovers of quality spirits.
Italian Grappa, made by one of the best distilleries in the world, completely artisanal and with 0% dyes.
Nonino products are ideal for making cocktails and have been used by mixologists all over the world for 126 years. This delicious grappa can accompany any moment of the day, alone or in company.
Hazelnut liqueur
Hazelnut cream is a typical Sicilian liqueur obtained from a craftsmanship with the selection of first choice materials and natural ingredients, such as Sicilian hazelnuts.
Grappa Nonino Vendemmia Riserva 18 Months
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Grappa Nonino Vendemmia Riserva 18 Months – 100% Artisan distillation and 0% colourants
Velvety and persistent, Grappa Nonino Vendemmia Riserva 18 Months is a blend of grappas from fresh pomace of Friuli grapes. Produced with discontinuous artisan distillation in copper steam stills and without dyes, it is left to age for over 18 months in barriques and small barrels. Grappa Vendemmia Riserva 18 Months is excellent to sip while reading a book or smoking a good cigar.
Liqueur cream with "Green Pistachio from Bronte D.O.P."
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The Liqueur Cream with "Bronte Green Pistachio D.O.P." is a Sicilian artisan preparation based on alcoholic infusion of pistachio made with the selection of the best raw materials and with natural ingredients.Its pleasantness is combined with the elegance of the bottles which enhances the product making it an excellent gift idea.
J.Rose London Dry Gin JR02 Artisan Gin
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Quality artisanal gin
J. Rose is a handcrafted distillate of juniper berries and botanicals in grain alcohol. London Dry Gin, J.Rose is a quality, elegant and refined gin, made even more precious by its beautiful bottle signed Milo Manara. A collectible work of art made in Italy.
AnticaCuvée® Nonino Riserva Aged 5 Years
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Grappa Nonino Riserva aged 5 years, the oldest and most traditional distilled alcohol in Northern Italy.
Produced entirely with 100% artisanal distillation, according to the ancient family tradition.
We offer you only quality products. In fact, Nonino is the first distillery in Italy to obtain the recognition of ''Best distillery in the world'' 2019, producing spirits for use in fantastic cocktails, proposed by international mixologists, for 126 years.
Amara Rossa
The artisanal Sicilian bitter
From the peels of the best Sicilian blood oranges infused with herbs and sugar, a natural digestive is born, with a unique and strong taste, golden and crystalline, produced in small quantities, respecting tradition and without the use of additives. With its Mediterranean aroma, each bottle of Amaro AMARA contains the love for Sicily.
Myrtle of Bacchus Liqueur
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Myrtle Liqueur contains all the perfume of Mediterranean brush.  Is made from the berries (red myrtle) and leaves (white myrtle) of Myrtus Communis. 
J.Rose London Dry Gin JR01 Artisan Gin
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Artisan juniper distillate
London Dry Gin, J.Rose is an exceptional juniper distillate produced in an artisanal way with distillation in a Müller still. Italian excellence in a beautiful collector's bottle created by the famous cartoonist Milo Manara.
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Grappa Vendemmia - Distillery Nonino
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Grappa Vendemmia Nonino – 100% Artisan distillation
Character, elegance and aroma distinguish Grappa Vendemmia Nonino, a full-bodied and velvety distillate, produced from the pomace of Pinot and Malvasia with artisanal discontinuous distillation in copper steam stills.
Herbal bitter Maliquò
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Maliquò, herbal bitter - Sicilian product!
As an aperitif or as a digestive at the end of a meal, try Maliquò, a Sicilian herbal bitter made with cold maceration of cereal alcohol with herbs and aromatic plants such as eucalyptus, gentian and mugwort.
Chocolate and Orange Liqueur
Liqueur with an innovative and original taste that combines the sweetness of cocoa with the fresh notes of real Sicilian oranges. This liqueur should be served cold or at room temperature.
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Grappasessanta Mazzei
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From the knowledgeable hand of Master Distiller Giovi comes a truly unique grappa. Grappasessanta is produced using an exclusive method that includes aging in small barrels. The result is a powerful, complex yet at the same time smooth grappa. 
J.Rose London Dry Gin JR03 Artisan Gin
Juniper distillate and botanicals
J.Rose London Dry Gin is an excellent Italian gin produced in Puglia and signed by Milo Manara. High quality gin obtained by distillation of juniper berries and botanicals in cereal alcohol in a copper still. Artisan gin in bottles to collect. 
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Amaro Della Rocca with herbs
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Amaro della Rocca - Traditional Sicilian liqueur!
An ancient herbal bitter, Amaro della Rocca is a traditional liqueur from Sicily, excellent at any time of the day.
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Walnut liqueur is dark in colour, aromatic and quite fiery in taste.Is a liqueur with a delicate and round flavour of walnuts. Serve or straight from the freezer, or try it in an expresso or cappuccino.
Grappa Isabel Milazzo
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Isabel is a very pure grappa obtained entirely with Inzolia grapes. It has an intense, soft and enveloping aroma on the palate. Boxed packaging.
J.Rose London Dry Gin JR04 Artisan Gin
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Artisanal distilled gin
J.Rose is an English Style gin produced in an artisanal way with distillation of the botanicals in a copper still. The elegance and refinement of this gin is reflected in its bottle signed Milo Manara. Try it neat to savor its unmistakable taste. 
Amaro Della Rocca with Orange
Amaro Della Rocca with Orange - Traditional Sicilian liqueur!
Amaro Della Rocca with Orange is an all-Sicilian bitter. The infusion with alcohol from cereals of herbs, roots and especially blood oranges give a unique and original taste to this delicious liqueur.
Aranciu - Bitter with orange
Sicilian bitter of blood oranges
Arànciu Bitter is born from the infusion of 20 carefully selected medicinal herbs and the best Sicilian blood orange peels. Sicilian artisanal liqueur with a dry character and a strong taste that conquers you from the first sip. An unmissable digestive at the end of a meal, also excellent for mixing cocktails.
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Prugnolino (little plum) is genuine liqueur typical of Nebrodi.The authentic one is obtained from a blackthorn variety, a wild berry which gives the liqueur a strong and distinct flavour, delightful in its slightly mouth-puckering aftertaste.

J.Rose London Dry Gin JR05 Artisan Gin
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Milo Manara Gin
Distilled from juniper and botanicals, J.Rose is a London Dry Gin to collect. To embellish this extraordinary gin, it is the signature of Milo Manara who created artistic collectible labels. Straight or in cocktails, J.Rose offers unique emotions.
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Bitter extra strong Roger - Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
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Roger Extra Strong - Keep Under the Bench!
Roger is a bitter and it is also an amaro. Born from the union of the infusions of the best hand-picked Calabrian citrus fruits, with the infusion of bitter botanicals in grain alcohol. The result is a counter-current bitter and amaro, with a persistent taste and a strong, pungent and austere character.
Carob Grappa
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Carob Grappa - Grappa from Nerello Mascalese!
From the encounter between the best selection of Sicilian carob beans, rich in pulp and taste, and the Grappa of Nerello Mascalese from Etna, an excellent Grappa alla Carruba is born. The delicate balance between the sweetness of carob and the strong aroma of Nerello Mascalese blend and give life to an explosion of heady scents typical of Sicily, a land of traditions and passions.
Lumia - Amaro al Limone
Sicilian natural digestive
Artisanal liqueur produced in the heart of the Etna park, Lumia bitter is born from the infusion of 20 medicinal herbs and the best Sicilian lemon peels. Amaro Lumia the best Sicily there is.
Liqueur Ambra Rossa
This is a truly distinctive Liqueur. At first the spicy cinnamon flavour dominates, but then the flavour of the herbs comes through for a real taste experience…… and a cool, smooth finish. Cinnamon Red is at its best when drunk straight and chilled, but is also a great base for creating extra-ordinary cocktails.
J.Rose London Dry Gin JR06 Artisan Gin
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London Dry Gin distillate
J.Rose is a London Dry Gin distillate produced in Puglia. Artisan gin for seductive cocktails that offer intense emotions and pleasure. The bottle of this extraordinary gin is a work of art designed by Milo Manara to collect. 
Important Bitter Jefferson - Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
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Jefferson - Amaro Important!
Jefferson is a natural and authentic amaro like its territory of origin, Calabria. It is born from the union of the infusions of the best Calabrian citrus fruits selected and hand-picked, with the infusion of bittering botanicals of the Mediterranean scrub in grain alcohol. The result is an Important amaro, with a Mediterranean and complex taste.
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Pomegranate liqueur
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Appreciated for making cocktails and long drinks, the pomegranate liqueur is an artisan liqueur made with pomegranates of the Sicilian variety Wonderful.
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J.Rose London Dry Gin JR07 Artisan Gin
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Refined and seductive gin
J.Rose is a London Dry Gin obtained from the distillation of juniper berries and botanicals in grain alcohol. Distillation in a Müller still allows the aromas of J.Rose's precious botanicals to be enhanced. The result is an artisanal gin with which to create exclusive cocktails.
Amaro Unicum Riserva
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Unicum Riserva - Prestigious Amaro with Herbs
Unicum Riserva is an exclusive amaro obtained from the distillation of over 40 botanicals and subjected to double aging. It has a sweet and sour, velvety and seductive taste, in which the bitter notes of botanicals combine with the sweetness and silkiness of honey, typical characteristics of Tokaji. It is a luxury end of meal to be served in purity to capture all its uniqueness.
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Ben Ryè Grappa with case by Donnafugata wines
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Grappa aged in small oak barrels
Grappa Ben Ryè is obtained from the distillation of the prized Zibibbo pomace from which the extraordinary Passito di Pantelleria Ben Ryé is obtained. Grappa with an intense aroma, aged for a long time in small carats.
Grappa Duca Enrico Duca di Salaparuta
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Our Grappa Duca Enrico is the fruit of the marc obtained from the finest Nero d' Avola grapes selected for our "great wine". Our steam pot stills and the slow and controlled distillation have created a unique grappa, which, after aging in small, fine oak casks, embodies the essence and strong character of Sicily and the rich hints of the best Nero d'Avola grapes.

J.Rose London Dry Gin JR08 Artisan Gin
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Exclusive Artisan Gin
J.Rose is an exclusive Italian English Style gin. Distilled in a traditional copper still, J.Rose with its perfumes offers a unique and satisfying sensorial experience. Perfect neat or for exclusive cocktails.
Grappadinero Silver - Grappa of Nero d'Avola
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GrappaDiNero Silver - Sicilian Grappa of Nero d'Avola!
GrappaDiNero Silver is a grappa produced by the distillation of pomace of Nero d'Avola grapes in purity. Transparency in color and softness on the palate make GrappaDiNero Silver a young quality grappa.
Vera Grappa di Nero D'Avola Milazzo
Vera Grappa of Nero d'Avola - Milazzo Winery
From the precious pomace of Nero d'Avola with which the extraordinary reds of the Milazzo Winery are produced, we obtain the Vera Grappa di Nero d'Avola by Milazzo. The distillation is artisanal and discontinuous, in copper stills, with direct steam. The result is a "raw" grappa which, "cut" and cold-filtered to best preserve all the aromas, takes on a clear appearance and offers a balanced and round bouquet.
Box J.Rose London Dry Gin 70 cl
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An elegant gift box or collection that houses the London Dry Gin J.Rose and two glasses. The lid of the box transforms into a painting authenticated by the famous cartoonist Milo Manara.
Grappadinero Gold - Grappa of Nero d'Avola
GrappaDiNero Gold - Sicilian Grappa from Nero d'Avola!
GrappaDiNero Gold is a grappa produced by distilling the best pomace of 100% Nero d'Avola grapes. Aged in barriques, Grappa Di Nero Gold is a quality barricaded grappa with hints of wood, spicy, soft and enveloping on the palate.
Tangerine Rosolio
Tangerine Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Buy Tangerine Rosolio in our store, an artisanal liqueur with a citrus scent obtained from the infusion of Sicilian tangerine peel in alcohol. Experience the freshness and soft taste of this Sicilian tangerine liqueur.
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Nonino Quintessentia Amaro
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Amaro Quintessentia by Nonino – Artisan distillation
Nonino Quintessentia is a Amaro with a great personality that has conquered mixologists from all over the world. Quintessentia was born in Friuli from an ancient recipe of the Nonino family handed down from generation to generation and enriched with ÙE, Grape Distillate aged in barriques for a minimum of 12 months. The Cup of Igea is depicted on its label to honor the origin of this extraordinary bitter born as a medicinal remedy.
Fennel Rosolio
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Fennel Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Among the typical Sicilian products, the Fennel Rosolio cannot be missing, an excellent digestive liqueur obtained from the infusion of wild fennel, very popular in our Sicily. The intense and aromatic flavor and the sensation of final freshness make this artisanal liqueur a must at the end of a meal.
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Brandy Florio
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Brandy Florio was born in Sicily right in the center of the band that experts call the sun band. Wine distillate obtained with artisanal methods handed down over time and left to age in oak barrels for over 10 years.
Murika, Modica Chocolate Liqueur
Murika, Modica Chocolate Liqueur - Sicilian artisan product!
Let yourself be tempted by the creaminess of the Modica chocolate liqueur, Murika. It is a lactose-free Sicilian artisan liqueur. Its sublime taste will win you over.
Pistachio Rosolio
Pistachio Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Among the typical Sicilian products, the Pistachio Rosolio, an artisanal liqueur with a sweet taste that will make you think you are tasting a dessert, cannot be missing. It is obtained from the alcohol infusion of the green heart of the best Sicilian pistachios, the green gold of our Sicily. Pistachio Rosolio is a delicate liqueur that will seduce you with its sweetness.
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Grappa di Morsi di Luce Florio
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The great aromatic potential of the Zibibbo grapes grown on the volcanic lands of the windy island of Pantelleria is what makes Grappa Morsi di Luce so uninque. It is the fruit of the masterly and careful distillation of the marc in steam pot stills. This grappa captures all the hints and scents rich of the sunny warmth and aromas typical of Zibibbo grapes.
Bruno Ribadi Bitter
Artisan Sicilian bitter
Amaro Ribadi is a Sicilian bitter produced in an artisanal way that embodies the scents and aromas of Sicily. Created by Bruno Ribadi, this extraordinary amaro is an excellent after-meal digestive with a rich and intense taste.
Pistachio Liqueur Cream
Pistachio Liqueur Cream - Sicilian product!
Try the Pistachio Liqueur Cream as a topping to enrich ice cream and fruit salads. Its pistachio scent and its creaminess will conquer your guests.
Orange Rosolio
Orange rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Among the typical Sicilian products, you cannot fail to try the Orange Rosolio, a very fragrant artisan liqueur obtained from the infusion of 100% Sicilian orange peel in alcohol. The freshness and persistent aroma of this orange liqueur will pleasantly accompany every end of a meal. It is a versatile liqueur that you can also use to prepare cocktails or flavor fruit salads and creams.
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Grappa Quater Firriato
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Quater is a modern grappa with a soft aromatic bouquet. A highly developed distillate aimed at a discerning international audience, no longer used to the traditional grappa. It is a acquavite that is refined and attentively treated in every aspect of its production. 
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Rosso Amaro
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Nero d'Avola bitters with a Sicilian heart
Rosso Amaro is one of the best spirits of Sicily. An Amaro produced in Syracuse, the result of the encounter between Nero d'Avola, the native Sicilian vine par excellence, and the infusion of 32 carefully selected aromatic herbs and precious medicinal plants. One of a kind, Rosso Amaro is an excellent after-dinner drink with an enveloping flavor and strong digestive power.
Gin Ionico - Marine Gin
Gin Ionico - Gin Marino with salt crystals!
There are three qualities that make Gin Ionico an inimitable gin: the very high quality of the juniper distillate, the intense citrus scent and excellent flavor. In fact, its name recalls that of the Ionian Sea due to the taste of salt, typical of the sea. It is an explosion of essences from our Sicily.
OroMoro - Liqueur with orange infusion
OroMoro - Sicilian artisan product!
OROMORO is the most authentic Sicilian distillate that contains the scents of our Sicily. It is the result of a unique and original mix of Nero d'Avola distillate, a native grape variety, and an infusion of Moro Oranges, a variety of blood oranges typical of the Etna area. It is a very fragrant, well-structured orange liqueur with a persistent aroma.
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Grappa di Serra della Contessa Benanti
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This grappa is obtained from the marcs of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio, of the vineyard of Serra dell Contessa Etna Red D.O.C. Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio are cultivated on the eastern slopes of Etna at 400 m asl.
Amaro Unico - Sicilian Amaro
Amaro Unico - The Sicilian artisanal Amaro
Unico is the artisanal Sicilian Amaro produced by Compagnia Mediterranea Liquori according to the ancient tradition, without artificial flavors, preservatives, additives and caramel. The star ingredient of Unico is Sicilian avocado, the new "Green Gold" of Sicily.
Bergamotto Fantastico - Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
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Fantastic Bergamot - Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Produced with Calabrian citrus par excellence, we offer Bergamot Fantastico, a digestive liqueur with an aromatic taste obtained by infusing the fragrant bergamot of the "Fantastico" variety in cereal alcohol.
Amaro dell'Etna
Amaro dell’Etna - Sicilian Amaro since 1901
Prepared according to the ancient Sicilian tradition, for over a century, the Amaro dell’Etna is a bitter with character and an intense and spicy taste. Produced without preservatives and without artificial colors or sources of gluten, it is an authentic liqueur, appreciated by lovers of good spirits.
Madame Milù - Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Madame Milù - Liqueur to drink as needed
Balsamic liqueur "to drink as needed", Madame Milù of Vecchio Magazzino Doganale is an innovative and highly digestive Calabrian liqueur obtained by separate infusions and distillation of selected botanicals from its own lands. What makes it unique is the use of a secret composition of medicinal herbs.
Grappa di Mille e una Notte Astucciata Donnafugata
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Grappa Mille e una Notte Donnafugata - Grappa made from fine red grapes
An excellent digestive, Donnafugata's Grappa Mille e una Notte is produced from the distillation of the precious red grapes used for the Mille e una Notte wine. Aged in barriques, it has an extraordinarily pleasant and appealing wide array of aromas, revealing notes of dried, toasted, cooked fruit as well as fruit in syrup and even ripe morello cherries, which alternate with notes of honey and vanilla. Soft on the palate, it is a Sicilian grappa with an aristocratic and persuasive personality.
Gin Acqueverdi La Valdotaine
AcqueVerdi Gin - Gin of the Alps
Acque Verdi Gin is an Alpine gin, a distillate of berries but also of juniper twigs and botanicals typical of the Alps and the Aosta Valley. It takes its name from the Acqueverdi spring whose turquoise waters rich in rare minerals give it a strong minerality and a unique taste. Excellent base for gin and tonic.
Grappa di Pietramarina Benanti
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This grappa is obtained from the marcs of Carricante, of the vineyard of Pietramarina Etna Biano Superiore D.O.C. Carricante is cultivated on the eastern slopes of Etna at 920 m asl.