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Wines Sicilian

Many grapes are made into raisins, used in local cooking, and Sicilian grapes also play a large role in creating dessert wines, which require a higher concentration of grapes and are consumed in smaller quantities. In fact, in the world of international wine, Sicily is renowned for the many outstanding dessert wines, such as the world-famous Marsala, Moscato di Pantelleria & Malvasia delle Lipari. 

The traditional varieties cultivated on the island include: red grape varieties such as Nero d'Avola (today experiencing a significant renaissance in the market), Nerello Cappuccio and Mascalese, Carricante, Nocera, Perricone and Frappato; white grape varieties such as Catarratto, Grecanico, Grillo, Inzolia, Malvasia delle Lipari and Zibibbo or Moscato.
In addition to the traditional varieties listed above, today there are numerous non-traditional varieties grown on the island which include: red varieties such as Cabernet-Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc and Merlot; white varieties such as Chardonnay, Viognier, Muller Thurgau and Sauvignon blanc.

Rosè di Rosa Milazzo
Rosè di Rosa BIO - Milazzo Wineries
Rosè di Rosa di Milazzo was born from the rediscovery of an ancient Calabrese biotype, the "Inzolia Rosa". It is a sparkling wine with a fragrant and full taste with good sapidity that recalls the ripe fruitiness of wild berries.
Federico II Milazzo
Classic Method Federico II - Cantina G. Milazzo
Milazzo's Federico II is a rich, delicate, balanced and fine Sicilian sparkling wine.  Excellent as an aperitif, it is a sparkling wine of great value that goes well with meals and in particular with dishes based on fish, molluscs and crustaceans.
Vendemmia Tardiva Mandrarossa
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A stunning dessert wine made from Chardonnay grapes.We recommend serving dessert wines at 8℃ (47℉). This can be achieved by storing the wine in the fridge. Take it out and open it 5 min. before serving it.
Chardonnay Planeta winery
Organic Sicilian Chardonnay DOC Menfi
Full-bodied, intense and with a good structure, Planeta's Chardonnay is a white aged in oak barriques, destined for long ageing. Since 1985 the Chardonnay grapes have been grown in the vineyards of Ulmo and Maroccoli, unique for their position and terroir, to give life to an unmistakably Sicilian Chardonnay.
Burdese Planeta winery
Sicilian Bordeaux wine
Burdese by Planeta is a Sicilian red wine with a Bordeaux blend. The name itself in the local Burdisi/Burdese dialect means Bordeaux and refers to the classic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Produced in limited quantities, Burdese is an aging wine of great density, structure and balance. Due to its complexity it has few similar in Sicily.
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Zahir Rosato Vasari
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Rosè wine from Nero d’Avola grapes with fruit and flower flavouring, harmoniuos and balanced, versatile. Perfect as an aperitif and with Italian cuisine. 
Metodo Classico Milazzo
Milazzo Classico Brut Classic Method – Milazzo Winery
Milazzo Classico is a Classic Method sparkling wine made from Chardonnay and Inzolia grapes, grown in the extraordinary terroir of Terre della Baronia. Here the soil, rich in calcareous skeleton, and the characteristic climate of Campobello make it possible to obtain high quality sparkling wines characterized by greater verticality.
Lacrimae Bacchi Avide
A strong straw yellow coloured wine. It displays remarkable honey and apricot fragrances. Full bodied, sweet and velvety. Ideal for meditation.

Baccante Abbazia Santa Anastasia
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Chardonnay selected from the Santa Anastasia vineyards, harvested when almost overly ripe and golden from sun exposure.
Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG Planeta winery
Organic Cerasuolo DOCG
A blend of Nero d'Avola and Frappato, Planeta's Cerasuolo di Vittoria is an organic red wine from the best Sicilian tradition, interpreted in a modern key. A unique wine, recognizable and unforgettable for its aromas of strawberries, cherries and berries, this Cerasuolo is an extremely gastronomic version that is also very popular for its fleshy and peppery notes. Surprises with pizza.
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Etna Rosato D.O.C. Murgo
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This wine has a particular link with the traditions of the Etna area where it was a widespread custom to carry out very short macerations (2 days) in order to produce fruity and ready-to-drink wines, much appreciated in the area.
The production techniques, with manual harvesting in boxes, accentuate the aromatic characteristics of the vines used.
A rosé wine of good intensity perfect for many occasions.
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Excellent Milazzo
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WHERE PRODUCED: On G.Milazzo’s estates to the North-East of Campobello di Licata, Agrigento, in a hilly area, 440-470 metres above sea level. VINESTOCK USED: Pink Inzolia and Chardonnay. 
Ben Ryè DOC Donnafugata wineries
Passito di Pantelleria DOC
The perfect balance between freshness and sweetness makes Ben Ryé 2021 one of the most sought after and appreciated sweet wines in the world. A seductive Passito di Pantelleria produced from Zibibbo grapes with the Alberello Pantesco system, a practice recognized as a UNESCO heritage site. Packaged in an elegant case, Ben Ryé is a prestigious gift that offers memorable sensations to those who savor its essence.
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Grillo BIO Abbazia Santa Anastasia
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I Sensi line - Grillo 2022 La Vista of Abbazia Santa Anastasia
The Abbazia Sant'Antiasia Biological Grillo has a straw yellow color with light greenish nuances, while the nose offers fresh fruit aromas with floral notes. The palate is pleasantly fresh, sapid and persistent. Best served with fish dishes, excellent as an aperitif.
Litra Abbazia Santa Anastasia
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High viticulture and aristocratic oenology in the Litra. Cabernet Sauvignon cultivated with severe low spurred cordon. Long maceration, resting in French oak barriques. Good bottle aging period to develop the bouquet. You can live a very long time in the bottle.
Lacroix AOC Bordeaux Supérieur CT Domaines Sarl
Bordeaux-style wine
Lacroix is a Superior Bordeaux produced by the merger of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. It is an elegant, velvety and fruity wine with a ruby red color.
Rosè DOC Planeta
Denomination: Sicilia DOC 50%
Nero d’Avola, 50% Syrah Our Rosé, fresh and fruity, represents all the feelings of a Sicilian summer. Its colour is that of a summer sunset. The fresh aromas of strawberry make it a marvellously friendly wine, and easy to drink. Enjoy Planeta’s Rosé in good company, as an aperitif with tapas, raw fish, fresh salads or alone with seasonal fruit.
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Blanc de blancs Brut Fazio
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This dry spumante with rich and fine pérlage and intense and delicate perfume, springs up from a particular “cru” of Chardonnay produced in the vineyard. One perceives well blended, blod yeast tones, and notes of crust of bread and acacia honey in an elegant harmony. Fresh and fragrant-tasting, it has an equilibrated and aristocratic taste. 

Nes Passito Pantelleria DOC Pellegrino
Natural “passito” of Pantelleria obtained from a careful selection of muscat of Alexandria grapes or Zibibbo, hand-picked towards the end of August and then dried. It is golden-yellow with amber reflections and you can make out scents of tropical fruit and honey in its wonderful aroma. Best with oven-baked cakes and piquant cheeses.
Angimbè Cusumano
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It takes its name from the woods of the town of Salemi. Angimbé, a wine marked by its scent ranging from the perfume of fresh flowers to that of ripe fruit, is born from the union of the Sicilian personality of Insolia grapes and the elegance of Chardonnay grapes.

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Montenero Abbazia Santa Anastasia
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The Montenero has a concentrated ruby red color. Elegant, velvety and seductive, it has intense aromas of small and ripe red berry and cherry fruits, which are well blended with the scents of licorice and spices along with hints of violets and vanilla.
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Lumera Donnafugata
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Rosè Wine Lumera - Donnafugata Cellars
From a careful selection of red grapes, Lumera by Donnafugata is born, a very pleasant and structured rosé wine that is characterized by a fruity and floral bouquet. Lumera is a wine that stands out from the crowd and bears the name of the protagonist of a Sicilian poem that celebrates courtly love. Like the beloved woman, this rosé wine also arouses joy and vital fullness. Ideal to sip and share with friends.
Petali Moscato Spumante Fazio
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The typical notes of White Moscato seem to express their best in this Spumante. Pleasant floreal notes remind one of white roses, from which the choise of name, blend happily with fruity hints which give this spumante completely unique characteristics. 

Malvasia Pellegrino
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Form the best selections of white malmsey grapes this very delicate, amber coloured sweet wine is obtained. The pleasant aroma of ripe fruit is reflected in its full harmonious taste.
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Damarino Donnafugata
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Damarino 2021 - Donnafugata
Fresh and Mediterranean, this white wine expresses a precise personality tied to fruity and floral, round and elegant sensations. Light and informal, it is a perfect white for Mediterranean cuisine.
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Nero D'Avola BIO Abbazia Santa Anastasia
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I Sensi Line - Nero d'Avola 2019 "Il Gusto" of Abbazia Santa Anastasia
Nero d’Avola shows an intense ruby red color with a slightly faded violet nail. Good clarity and concentration. It offers aromas that evoke aromas of red fruit that are intense, pleasant and fresh anyway. In the mouth it is generous with fruity and spicy veins. However, it has a good body and is very pleasant and excellent to sip.
Rosé di Morgante
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Bright and fresh, Rosé di Morgante is a sapid but at the same time fragrant and balanced wine characterized by clear, fruity aromas, where citrus and floral notes stand out, reminiscent of rose petals. Ideal as an aperitif, it enhances raw white fish and any type of Mediterranean salad.
Duca Di Salaparuta Brut Duca di Salaparuta
This unique Brut wine is produced in the hinterland of Palermo from Grecanico and Chardonnay grapes cultivated at more than 500 metres above sea level. Duca Brut is an elegant, complex wine with fruity scents developed in harmony with a distinct aroma of bread crust and is well-balanced, fresh and lively.
Marsala Fine IP DOC Pellegrino
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Fine Marsala wine made from Grillo, Catarratto and Inzolia grapes. Aged for over a year in oak barrels. Goes well with cakes and in cooking.
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Vigna di Gabri Donnafugata
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Fine and elegant white wine, with an intense, complex bouquet featuring fruity and floral notes of apple and acacia, together with salty and mineral finish.
Passomaggio Rosso Abbazia Santa Anastasia
A red wine made from a Sicilian grape like the Nero d'Avola and vinified with a small quantity of Merlot grapes left to ripen under the hot Sicilian sun. It has a good maceration and average aging in wood to round its noble tannins, keeping the original fragrance and primary bouquet. A soft, rich and balanced wine which can be aged.

Charme Rosé Firriato
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Charme Rosé is produced from Sicilian autochthonous black grape varieties, harvested before complete ripening to safeguard its aroma and acidity. The vinification in white with a brief contact with the skins and the sparkling process with fermentation in autoclave respectively give it the characteristic pink color and an extroverted and brilliant character.
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Murgo Brut Spumante VSQ Metodo Classico Murgo
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Many elements that come from the territory with sands of volcanic origin, such as the low concentration in color and the low acidity, make the grapes perfect at the right point for the production of sparkling wines elaborated with the Classic Method.
A wine with great personality and structure. It was the first sparkling wine made from Nerello Mascalese grapes.
Marsala Fine Rubino DOC Pellegrino
Fine Marsala wine made from Grillo, Catarratto and Inzolia grapes. Aged for over a year in oak barrels. Goes well with cakes and in cooking.

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Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG Avide
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An important wine made from grapes called "Frappato" and "Nero D'Avola". It's respectful of Cerasuolo's tradition. Its intens and persistent scent recalls a ripe pomegranate. Its deep colour is like a cherry. It would be better to uncork the bottle one hour before and to serve it at 18°-20° C. about.
Sparkling Rosé Michè Michele Satta
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Produced according to the ancestral method in Bolgheri, Michè di Michele Satta is a Sangiovese vinified in rosé. After aging in amphorae, it slowly referments in the bottle, developing a natural sparklingness.
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Muller Thurgau Brut Fazio
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It is a white wine with a straw yellow color and a fine and persistent effervescence, a delicate aroma with a fruity background, on the palate it is soft, fresh and aromatic with elegant floral notes.
Marsala Superiore Oro DOC Pellegrino
This delicate, captivating Marsala Superiore is aged for over two years in oak barrels. Its intense, persistent vanilla aroma is highlighted by the presence of aquavitae. Ideal with baked cakes, seasoned cheeses.
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Chiaramonte Inzolia Firriato
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Chiaramonte Ansonica was created as an act of reverent homage towards this important and widely-planted Sicilian variety. Freshness and minerality for one of the best interpretations of pure Inzolia wine.
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Sigillo - Cellar Avide
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Ruby red coloured wine. It displays extensive aromas, along with intense notes of sweet elegant oak, ripe uit and chocolate. Stunningly full-bodied on the palate, round, with tannins of outstanding nobleness.
Poesia Etna Rosé Valenti Wines
Nerello Mascalese vinified rosé
Poesia is the Etna rosé from Valenti Wineries. The aromaticity of the Nerello Mascalese, the minerality of the lava territory of Etna and the freshness thanks to the rosé vinification, contribute to making Poesia a wine of exceptional finesse.
Brut Crémant de Savoie Domaine Jean Vullien
Classic method sparkling wine from Savoy
Blend obtained by Chardonnay, Jacquère and Altesse, the Brut Crémant de Savoie will enchant your aperitifs with a lot of freshness and simplicity. Chardonnay gives it substance and finesse. The Jacquère and the Altesse gives it its typicity and originality.
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D. Zero Milazzo
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D.Zero is the first sparkling Sicilian zero-dose product with high quality grapes Inzolia pink and Chardonnay. The sugar level is less than 3 ° per liter.
Marsala Vergine Soleras DOP Pellegrino
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This Marsala Vergine produced by the Soleras method is aged in small oak barrels for five years. Intense spicy aroma with hints of dried fruit make it unique and unmistakeable. Perfect with herb-flavoured and well-seasoned cheeses.
Santagostino Bianco Firriato
Santagostino by Firriato is an elegant, sophisticated and characterful Sicilian white wine made from Catarratto and Chardonnay grapes. The minerality of the land, the freshness of the floral and fruity scents of Catarratto and the complexity of the Chardonnay fermented in barrique blend in a balanced way in a wine that is sought after all over the world.
3 Carati - Wine Avide
Colour: Ruby red Bouquet: Red cherry flavour, raspberry and small red fruits mainly black currant and blueberry Taste: In the mouth is soft and elegant, rightly tannic 

Zibibbo Pellegrino
A careful selection of the best Zibibbo grapes in the province of Trapani make up one of the best sweet i.g.t. wines in Sicily. It has a splendid light straw colour and a strong aroma. An ideal dessert wine.
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Cubìa Cusumano
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This 100% Insolia opens with a bright golden color and tight aromas of apricot, candied fruit, lemon mousse and pear. It shows nice intensity and a bright note of bitter almond on the close.
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Gaudensius Blanc de Noir Etna DOC Firriato
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Brut Classic Method - Gaudensius Blanc de Noir
Firriato's Gaudensius Blanc de Noir is a sparkling wine from Etna with a refined, fine-grained, continuous and persistent perlage. Complex flavor and at the same time of rare elegance for this Classic Method Brut sparkling according to the “blanc de noir” method to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of Nerello Mascalese. For your anniversaries, toast with Gaudensius!
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D'Istinto Syrah Calatrasi
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The wine D'Istinto Syrah Caltrasi shows a brilliant ruby red color and nuances of ruby red, moderate transparency. The nose reveals intense, clean and pleasing aromas which start with hints of black cherry and plum followed by aromas of blackberry, blueberry, violet, black pepper and hints of vanilla. 
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Gaudensius Blanc de Blancs Firriato
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Brut Classic Method - Gaudensius Blanc de Blancs
Gaudensius Blanc de Blancs by Firriato is a Brut Metodo Classico with a perfect and unmistakable style. Obtained from Carricante grapes, a native vine of Etna, it is an elegant and aromatic, fresh and mineral sparkling wine, with a fine perlage. Toast with these extraordinary bubbles, perfect for any occasion!
Marsala Fine DOC Aromatizzata alla Mandorla Pellegrino
An aromatic blend Marsala Fine DOC and essence of bitter almonds.  May be enjoyed as an aperitif or to accompany desserts, particularly those prepared with almond paste, typical of Sicilian bakers.

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Chardonnay Feudo Arancio
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The Chardonnay by Feudo Arancio is a Sicilian white wine made from Chardonnay grapes. This international white varietal has found an ideal habitat in Sicily and produces a rich, aromatic wine with a harmonious and well-balanced flavor. 
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Champagne Breton Corentin Brut Nature
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Champagne Brut Nature - Breton Corentin
Corentin Breton's Brut Nature is a dry, complex Champagne with a strong flavor but very drinkable. The name Brut Nature is given to Champagne for the residual sugar of less than or equal to 3 g/l and for this reason it is also called zero dosage or non-dosed. Brut Nature by Breton Corentin, from a good zero dosage, has a marked verticality in the mouth but also surprises for its harmony. Its expressiveness is excellent, enhanced by the addition of Chardonnay grapes to Pinot Noir.
Brut Classic Method Planeta cellars
Planeta and its Classic Etna Method
Brut Planeta is a Sicilian sparkling wine obtained from native Carricante grapes harvested manually and harvested early to preserve the right acidity. A refined and unique Classic Method produced on the wonderful and suitable black soils of Etna.
Passito di Noto Planeta
Planeta’s Passito is the expression of our wish to produce modern wines which reflect the unique character of our lands. A very ancient wine which has been revived through a modern system of the passito process.
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Grillo Feudo Arancio
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Grillo of Feudo Arancio is a wine produced from a local Sicilian white varietal. This grape variety produces an elegant, refreshing and fruity wine with a characteristic bouquet of mango, papaya and jasmine.
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Ceuso Custera
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Located a few kilometres from Alcamo in a soft hilly landscape, the family owned estate consists of 30 hectares, 25,5 of which are cultivated as vineyards. Only 8,5 hectares have been selected for producing CEUSO grapes.
Rubis Brut Rosé Domaine Jean Vullien
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Traditional Method Brut Rosé Rubis - Jean Vullien Winery
Rubis Brut Rosé is a Traditional Method sparkling wine from the Jean Vullien winery. Obtained from Gamay and Mondeuse grapes, it is a Savoy Brut that will win you over for its freshness and simplicity. Excellent as an aperitif or dessert.
Feu Spumante Tenute Orestiadi
Feu is a blanc de blancs sparkling wine obtained from a particular cuvée of white grapes, Catarratto and Grecanico, coming from the vineyards of Tenute Orestiadi.
It belongs to the ''Terra Nera'' category on the hills of the Trapani hinterland, an ideal habitat for the cultivation of both red and white grape vines.
A Sicilian bubbly perfect for festive and joyful occasions, it gives pleasure and fun from the first fruity sip.
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Moscato di Pantelleria Pellegrino
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From the marvelous island of Pantelleria and from the best selection of Muscat of Alessandria grapes or Zibibbo here is an excellent sweet, light gold wine with an intense, elegant aroma. Ideal with dried fruit and as an after dinner wine
Pithoi white Maggio
Containers called Pithoi were used for fermentation, which gave the wines their particular smell and taste of quality which still endures today.
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Ceuso Fastaia
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Located a few kilometres from Alcamo in a soft hilly landscape, the family owned estate consists of 30 hectares, 25,5 of which are cultivated as vineyards.
This international blend is named after the river which runs through the estate. The white clay found in the vineyards is the key to great maturation of the grapes and the elegant character of the final blends.
Spumante Brut Donnafugata wineries
Classic Method Millesimato
Donnafugata's Brut is a Millesimato obtained from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes made sparkling according to the Classic Method. Intense on the nose and harmonious on the palate, this white sparkling wine from Donnafugata ages for 36 months on the lees, acquiring complexity, structure and elegance.
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Moscato di Pantelleria Duca di Castelmonte
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From the marvelous island of Pantelleria and from the best selection of Muscat of Alessandria grapes or Zibibbo here is an excellent sweet, light gold wine with an intense, elegant aroma. Ideal with dried fruit and as an after dinner wine.
Feudo dei Fiori Mandrarossa
Feudo dei Fiori di Mandrarossa is a Sicilian white wine, made from Vermentino, Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes. The white wine Feudo Dei Fiori has a very intense full-bodied fruit and brings as everywhere in Italy very fruity, sometimes bold white wines.
Benuara Cusumano
In the Presti e Pegni estate in Monreale, where a small flower typical of the Mediterranean area grows, Nero d'Avola and Syrah quality grapes are cultivated. Their blending gives life to the Benuara, a wine with a strong body, a winy fragrance with the scent of wild fruits and a full-bodied taste.
Passito di Pantelleria Pellegrino
Picking at the end of August and the successive drying of the grapes give this sweet wine its characteristic golden colour with amber reflections. In its intense persistent aroma you can recognise hints of apricot honey and dried figs. Best with fruit flans and hard cheeses.
Fiano Mandrarossa winery
Fiano by Mandrarossa - Organic wineMandrarossa Fiano is a Sicilian white wine, made from 100% Fiano grapes from the vineyards located in Menfi. Calcareous soils with the typical white stones, locally called “ciaca bianca”, afford the ideal conditions for fiano. The result is a wine that expresses an extraordinary balance of scents and minerality.
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Merlot Cusumano
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Cusumano Winery is spearheaded by two brothers whose value of artistic excellence and passion for meticulous detail, have driven them to create a bright explosion of modern, and innovative wines! The grapes in this wine are grown in clay-based soil throughout the rolling hills of Presti e Pegni. The spicy yet subtle flavors of this Merlot are appreciated most when paired with heavy pastas.
Tener Brut Banfi
Brut sparkling wine as an aperitif
Tener Brut by Banfi is a sparkling wine produced in Piedmont, a cuvée made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes (over 50%) and Chardonnay, sparkling according to the Charmat Method. With a round taste, with character, it is a fruity sparkling wine with intense aromas and flavors thanks to the Sauvignon Blanc grapes rarely destined for sparkling wines. Excellent aperitif sparkling wine.
Liquoroso Zibibbo Duca di Castelmonte
From an accurate selection of the best Zibibbo grapes in the province of Trapani one of the most famous sweet Sicilian i.g.t. wines is obtained. Colour light straw-yellow and with its strong aroma it is an ideal dessert wine.
Bianco di Nera Piu' Milazzo
New Vintage 2022 of Bianco di Nera BIO Milazzo - The best of Sicilian sparkling white wines!
Bianco di Nera Più of Milazzo is a sparkling Sicilian white wine. A particular winemaking process characterizes this "white" wine: the bunches of Inzolia are subjected to destemming and those of Nero Cappuccio are sent for gentle pressing. It is, therefore, a black grape vinified in white.
Noà Cusumano
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This is our humble yet determined challenge to the great wines of the world, a blend of Nero d'Avola grapes, the strong expression of our land, and Cabernet and Merlot grapes evoking the Atlantic coast of France. Vinified and refined separately in small French oak casks, the percentage of the blended grapes varies every year to express always their best.