Cantabrian Anchovy Fillets with chilli pepper
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Cantabrian Anchovy Fillets with chilli pepper in sunflower oil

Cantabrian anchovy fillets from controlled and MSC certified fishing

Only the best Spanish anchovy fillets, known and sought after throughout the world for their meaty and tasty pulp. Obtained from MSC certified sustainable fishing, the prized Cantabrian anchovies are processed in an artisanal way and preserved at perfect ripeness thanks also to salting techniques of Italian origin.

  • 80 g

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Anchovy fillets with Don Battista chilli pepper in sunflower oil

Tender and fleshy fillets of Cantabrian anchovies carefully selected and processed in an artisanal way. Superior quality, inimitable sweetness and unmistakable taste characterize Don Battista anchovy fillets.

Fished in the Cantabrian Sea between the north of Spain and the south-west of France, the Cantabrian anchovies are the most prized anchovies and sought after by connoisseurs. The inimitable flavor of these anchovies is given by a thicker layer of fat due to the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean and excellent oxygenation.

Cantabrian Anchovies, despite being Spanish, are linked to our Sicilian tradition since it was a Sicilian from Trapani, Giovanni Vella Scatagliota, who discovered and appreciated their quality. Before then, in fact, the caught anchovies were used by Spanish fishermen as bait for more valuable fish or were released into the sea.

Scientific name: Engraulis encrasicolus

Brand: Don Battista

Controlled and MSC certified fishing: Don Battista anchovies are fished only from April to July in the icy waters of the Cantabrian Sea, in the North Eastern Atlantic Ocean with purse seines. The presence of the blue mark of the MSC Standard on the packaging guarantees the practice of sustainable fishing, based on 3 fundamental principles: conservation of the healthy fish population, minimal impact of fishing, responsible and far-sighted management of fishing

Processing: careful and manual. Freshly caught, the anchovies are matured in salt for a year and a half. This technique ensures that the anchovies have an unmistakable and inimitable taste thanks to the right balance between flavor and sweetness

Properties: large fillets, all the same size; fleshy pulp, thicker and tastier due to the greater quantity of fat; rosy color of the fillets typical of freshly caught processed fish

Flavour: intense, sweet and refined, with a spicy note given by the chilli pepper

Use: excellent for making the classic dish of spaghetti with extra virgin olive oil and cherry tomatoes even more inviting or for aperitifs, such as tapas, or for appetizing bruschetta on a slice of bread and butter

Storage: Keep in a cool place. Once the package has been opened, store the anchovies in the refrigerator well covered in oil

Net weight: 80 g

Dried weight: 48 g

Produced and packaged by Balistreri Girolamo & C. Snc - Via Cotogni 64 - Aspra (PA) - Italy


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