Fiasconaro manna cream
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Manna Cream - Oro of Manna - Fiasconaro

Artisanal spreadable sweet cream - Oro of Manna Fiasconaro

Fiasconaro Manna Cream is a tasty and delicate sweet cream to spread based on manna, an excellent natural sweetener that is extracted from the bark of ash trees present on the Madonie, between Castelbuono and Pollina. Why try it? Because it is the ideal product for those looking for a delicious cream but with a reduced amount of added sugar.

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Soft Oro of Manna Cream to spread by Fiasconaro - Sicilian product!

Are you looking for a delicious cream different from the usual creams? Fiasconaro's Crema Oro di Manna is the right product for you. A delicious soft cream to spread based on manna, a typical Sicilian product. It is precisely from Fiasconaro's attention to health that Manna Cream is born, a typically Sicilian delicacy with a reduced amount of added sugars. A Slow Food Presidium, manna is a "divine" ingredient, considered a gift from God according to the Holy Bible. In addition to having digestive, detoxifying and diuretic properties, manna is an excellent natural sweetener and its active ingredient, mannite, is a colorless and odorless alcohol also known as "manna sugar" due to its sugary taste. You will discover the quality of a Sicilian artisan product with the Fiasconaro brand, a brand synonymous with quality since 1953 which in the 1990s, thanks to Nicola Fiasconaro, became famous all over the world for the excellence achieved in the confectionery sector.

What are you waiting for?! Give yourself a moment of unforgettable sweetness with this irresistible Manna Cream, the same used to fill the Panettone Oro di Manna and the Colomba Oro di Manna by Fiasconaro.

Ingredients: vegetable oils (sunflower oil, safflower oil), cocoa butter, white cane sugar, mannite powder with manna (13.5%) (emulsifier: mannite, manna 30%), vegetable fiber: inulin, milk skimmed powder, hazelnut paste, milk proteins, low-fat cocoa powder, natural flavouring: safflower extract, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural flavourings.

Allergens: May contain traces of other nuts and lupin

Use: excellent for filling crêpes, croissants, cream puffs and cakes. Try it spread on a slice of homemade bread, on rusks or on sandwich bread for delicious sandwiches. Eat it by the spoonful to fully savor its flavor.

Storage: Do not refrigerate. Keep away from heat sources.

Average nutritional values per 100g

Energy value: 2267 KJ/546 kcal

Fats: 36 g of which 7.5 g saturated fatty acids

Carbohydrates: 42 g of which sugars 40 g

Protein: 5.6g

Salt: 0.12g


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