Sicilian chilli
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Dried chilli

Delicate and pleasantly spicy Sicilian chili - Typical Sicilian aromas

Hand-picked Sicilian chili flakes, particularly fragrant and spicy thanks to the cultivation on arid soils heated by the hot Sicilian sun. Red chillies cut into small pieces, carefully dried under the Sicilian sun and then manually shelled. The most used Mediterranean spice in cooking.

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Sicilian chili pepper 100% Natural - Macara Sicilian aromas

100% natural and Sicilian cayenne pepper with a particularly intense and spicy aroma. The Sicilian Chilli produced by the Macara Company is harvested and processed by hand, naturally dried, shelled and sieved with an ancient processing system that preserves flavor, aroma and color. Manual processing and slow and natural drying also preserve the properties of this aphrodisiac spice, rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, K, potassium, calcium, karatenoids, bioflavonoids. An essential and irreplaceable ingredient in the kitchen, chilli pepper gives a pleasant spiciness to dishes and makes them more digestible. In addition to having digestive and anti-inflammatory properties, if consumed regularly, chili peppers improve blood circulation.

Latin name: Capsicum annuum.

Cultivar: Cayenne pepper.

Morphological characteristics: red chili peppers with an elongated shape

Harvest period: the chillies are harvested in June, when they have reached optimal ripeness.

Organoleptic characteristics: bright red colour, intense aroma and spicy taste.

Uses in the kitchen: versatile and dynamic, chilli pepper enhances the flavor of dishes with a pleasant spiciness. Excellent with spaghetti with garlic and oil.

Storage: keep in a cool, dry and poorly lit place. Product to be used preferably within 18 months.


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