Astragalus Nebrodensis honey from Sicilian Black Bee
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Astragalus Nebrodensis Honey of Sicilian black bee

Astragalus Nebrodensis Honey - Sicilian Black Bee Honey

Astragalus Nebrodensis Black Bee honey is a Slow Food Presidium. It is a very rare mountain summer honey. Astragalus Nebrodensis is a plant of the Sicilian endemic flora located at about 1800 m above sea level. It has a thorny shrub and belongs to the Fabaceae family. The nectar produced is suitable for children because it has a very pleasant taste and strengthening properties. It is an excellent sweetener.

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The first and most important producer of Sicilian Black Bee honey is Carlo Amodeo, promoter of the recognition of Sicilian Black Bee honey as a Slow Food Presidium. His company is located at the foot of the park of Monte San Calogero in Termini Imerese. Here the honey extraction takes place but the apiaries are located throughout Sicily and this allows the production of fine single-flower honeys. Amodeo's production technique consists in taking honey from the hives every week to avoid oxidation of the honey due to the high temperatures of the hive (35°C). It is cold extracted and after decanting it is placed in jars and placed in a cold room at 5°C, thus preserving all its properties.

Production area: Sicily, province of Palermo

Production period: June

Color: almost colorless. Pure, it does not crystallize.

Odor: almost absent

Taste: delicate

Characteristics: rich in fructose, it is metabolized in the liver and constitutes an important energy reserve

Uses: excellent sweetener for tea, coffee, herbal teas, milk

Produced by Apicoltura Amodeo Carlo - Contrada Madonna Diana - Termini Imerese (PA) - Italy

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