Valuable Raisin Zibibbo di Pantelleria - Typical Sicilian flavors


Sicilian raisins and derived products – Perfumes and aromas of Pantelleria

Buy on the best Sicilian raisins produced on the island of Pantelleria and the delicious products derived from the Zibibbo grape of Pantelleria, grown as a sapling and dried in the hot Sicilian sun. The raisins of Pantelleria are different from the others for their sweetness, their fleshy texture and their rich and natural flavour. In our store you can find Zibibbo from Pantelleria raisins in bags to prepare excellent desserts and typical Sicilian sauces but also to eat alone as a source of energy, calcium, fiber and iron. We also offer Pantelleria specialties based on Zibibbo grapes from Pantelleria, such as the Zibibbo Grape Elixir and the Zibibbo Grape Jam, genuine and natural products for healthy and tasty breakfasts and snacks. We select the best producers for you to offer you authentic flavors of our beloved land. Trust, you won't regret it!

Zibibbo Raisins
The best Sicilian raisins of Pantelleria
Raisins Zibibbo (Moscato d'Alessandria) grown and produced naturally on the island of Pantelleria by the Kazzen company according to ancient traditional Pantelleria methods. The best dried fruit for desserts and tasty sauces, excellent to eat alone.
Zibibbo Grapes Jam
Sweet and spreadable Zibibbo grape Jam
This delicious and genuine Zibibbo grape jam is obtained from the first and best Zibibbo grapes grown on Pantelleria. Only freshly harvested Zibibbo grapes and sugar processed according to the ancient Pantelleria custom. A natural sweetness to be spread and enjoyed at breakfast or as a snack.
Elixir of Zibibbo Grapes
Sweet spreadable gelatinous jam made with Zibibbo grapes
The Zibibbo grape Elixir is a typical product of Pantelleria obtained by reducing the fresh must of zibibbo grapes in a pot with sugar. Also called grape "honey", it is a specialty of the island of Pantelleria with very ancient origins. A unique and particular product, the Zibibbo grape Elixir is excellent for breakfast, spread on bread and rusks.