Sicilian Sweet Wines: discover our selection of excellence

Sweet Wines

Sicily produces some excellent sweet wines, of which the most famous is the Moscato di Pantelleria, made from Zibbibo, and the Moscato di Siracusa, made from the white Muscat grape. The sweet Malvasia wine is produced on the island of Lipari. Made from grapes with high sugar content, dessert wines have experienced a resurgence in popularity thanks to modern cuisine. Usually served as a digestive, dessert wines also go splendidly with certain main dishes and entrées.

White Terre Tardive Milazzo
Terre Tardive of Milazzo is a Sicilian sweet wine born from the signature blend of Chardonnay and Inzolia grapes undertaken in 1991 with the Maria Costanza Bianco. It is a sophisticated and elegant wine, the result of innovation, in terms of quality and cultivation techniques, and of experimentation with blends and vinification methods. It is in fact the result of a late harvest that enriches it in flavor and sweetness.