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White Wines

Far from being stuck in the past, however, Sicily also holds its own with exciting blends, such as the traditional Chardonnay varietal with natives Grillo, Inzolia, Cataratto, Grecanico. White wines stand out for freshness, minerality and aromatic complexity. 

Chardonnay Planeta winery
Organic Sicilian Chardonnay DOC Menfi
Full-bodied, intense and with a good structure, Planeta's Chardonnay is a white aged in oak barriques, destined for long ageing. Since 1985 the Chardonnay grapes have been grown in the vineyards of Ulmo and Maroccoli, unique for their position and terroir, to give life to an unmistakably Sicilian Chardonnay.
Baccante Abbazia Santa Anastasia
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Chardonnay selected from the Santa Anastasia vineyards, harvested when almost overly ripe and golden from sun exposure.
Grillo BIO Abbazia Santa Anastasia
I Sensi line - Grillo 2022 La Vista of Abbazia Santa Anastasia
The Abbazia Sant'Antiasia Biological Grillo has a straw yellow color with light greenish nuances, while the nose offers fresh fruit aromas with floral notes. The palate is pleasantly fresh, sapid and persistent. Best served with fish dishes, excellent as an aperitif.
Angimbè Cusumano
It takes its name from the woods of the town of Salemi. Angimbé, a wine marked by its scent ranging from the perfume of fresh flowers to that of ripe fruit, is born from the union of the Sicilian personality of Insolia grapes and the elegance of Chardonnay grapes.

Damarino Donnafugata
Damarino 2021 - Donnafugata
Fresh and Mediterranean, this white wine expresses a precise personality tied to fruity and floral, round and elegant sensations. Light and informal, it is a perfect white for Mediterranean cuisine.
Chiaramonte Inzolia Firriato
Chiaramonte Ansonica was created as an act of reverent homage towards this important and widely-planted Sicilian variety. Freshness and minerality for one of the best interpretations of pure Inzolia wine.
Santagostino Bianco Firriato
Santagostino by Firriato is an elegant, sophisticated and characterful Sicilian white wine made from Catarratto and Chardonnay grapes. The minerality of the land, the freshness of the floral and fruity scents of Catarratto and the complexity of the Chardonnay fermented in barrique blend in a balanced way in a wine that is sought after all over the world.
Cubìa Cusumano
This 100% Insolia opens with a bright golden color and tight aromas of apricot, candied fruit, lemon mousse and pear. It shows nice intensity and a bright note of bitter almond on the close.
Chardonnay Feudo Arancio
The Chardonnay by Feudo Arancio is a Sicilian white wine made from Chardonnay grapes. This international white varietal has found an ideal habitat in Sicily and produces a rich, aromatic wine with a harmonious and well-balanced flavor. 
Grillo Feudo Arancio
Grillo of Feudo Arancio is a wine produced from a local Sicilian white varietal. This grape variety produces an elegant, refreshing and fruity wine with a characteristic bouquet of mango, papaya and jasmine.
Pithoi white Maggio
Containers called Pithoi were used for fermentation, which gave the wines their particular smell and taste of quality which still endures today.
Feudo dei Fiori Mandrarossa
Feudo dei Fiori di Mandrarossa is a Sicilian white wine, made from Vermentino, Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes. The white wine Feudo Dei Fiori has a very intense full-bodied fruit and brings as everywhere in Italy very fruity, sometimes bold white wines.
Fiano Mandrarossa winery
Fiano by Mandrarossa - Organic wineMandrarossa Fiano is a Sicilian white wine, made from 100% Fiano grapes from the vineyards located in Menfi. Calcareous soils with the typical white stones, locally called “ciaca bianca”, afford the ideal conditions for fiano. The result is a wine that expresses an extraordinary balance of scents and minerality.
Bianco di Nera Piu' Milazzo
New Vintage 2022 of Bianco di Nera BIO Milazzo - The best of Sicilian sparkling white wines!
Bianco di Nera Più of Milazzo is a sparkling Sicilian white wine. A particular winemaking process characterizes this "white" wine: the bunches of Inzolia are subjected to destemming and those of Nero Cappuccio are sent for gentle pressing. It is, therefore, a black grape vinified in white.
Santannella Mandrarossa
Each varietal is harvested separately to ensure optimal ripening. Grapes are destemmed, crushed and the resultant must is rapidly chilled to 39°F on its way to the pneumatic presses. Some portions of the fruit are given skin contact in order to extract flavor and body.
Barbazzale Bianco Cottanera
Light straw yellow wine with greenish tints. The aroma is fresh and vegetable, with notes of broom and salt. The taste is fresh, lively and agreeable.
Anthìlia Donnafugata
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Anthilia Sicilia DOC White - Donnafugata Cellars
Fresh and Mediterranean, Anthilia expresses a precise personality tied to fruity and floral, round and elegant sensations. A very versatile wine, ideal with fish and vegetarian first and second courses. First of Donnafugata's wines, it is pleasant to sip and share with friends.
Jalé Cusumano
Made from Chardonnay grapes, Jalè di Cusumano is an aromatic and fruity wine. Jalé is a rich, full bodied Chardonnay with tropical notes of honey dew melon and ripe peaches and toasty oaky notes.
Bianco di Nera Milazzo
New Vintage 2022 of Bianco di Nera BIO Milazzo winery - The best of Sicilian sparkling white wines!
Bianco di Nera by Milazzo is a sparkling Sicilian white wine. A particular winemaking process characterizes this "white" wine: the bunches of Inzolia are subjected to destemming and those of Nero Cappuccio are sent for gentle pressing. It is, therefore, a black grape vinified in white.
Passomaggio Bianco Abbazia Santa Anastasia
A white wine obtained mainly from Inzolia, a traditional Sicilian grape, combined with non-native Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, harvested when at a good stage of ripeness and vinified in mixed varieties according to the most up-to-date oenology protocol. A wine full of primary and secondary bouquets. The taste is persistent and full-bodied.

Chardonnay Mandrarossa
Timeless white wine
Mediterranean notes of prickly pears and orange peel, strong minerality and persistence distinguish the Chardonnay of Mandrarossa, a timeless white wine.
Corvo Glicine Corvo
Corvo Glicine di Corvo is a Sicilian white wine made from white berried grapes, which give the wine a straw yellow color with a fruity and slightly aromatic scent.
La Segreta Bianco Planeta
La Segreta takes its name from the wood that surrounds our vineyard at Ulmo. This young fresh wine produced mainly from Grecanico grapes, introduced into Sicily more than 2,000 years ago, gains personality and style with the addition of international variety grapes.All the grapes are carefully cultivated in Planeta owned vineyards.
Alastro DOC Menfi Planeta
Derived from the name of the wild flower that grows around our cellar, Alastro is a Grecanico blended with a particularly aromatic variety, Sauvignon Blanc. It is a delicately structured wine, with aromas of tropical fruit, fresh citrus and white flowers.
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Cometa Planeta
Cometa by Planeta is a great Sicilian white wine from 100% Fiano grapes in the municipality of Menfi. It has an intense and aromatic nose with notes of cut grass, exotic fruit and Mediterranean scrub. Elegant and rich at the same time. It moves dynamically between soft alcoholic sensations and a vibrant acidity. Persistent and varietal.
Lighea Donnafugata
Zibibbo Lighea by Donnafugata - Pantelleria Estate
Lighea by Donnafugata is a Sicilian white wine, a dry version of Zibibbo. It has a rich aromatic bouquet in which floral notes of orange blossom, hints of citrus fruits such as cedar and bergamot, and of exotic fruits, the lychee, stand out. Versatile and with Mediterranean aromas, it is a complex and innovative wine with an original label that portrays Lighea, the bewitching siren of a tale by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa.
La Fuga Donnafugata
La Fuga - Donnafugata Cellars
La Fuga by Donnafugata is a Chardonnay wine. It is a vibrant and silky white wine with notable notes of tropical fruits (pineapple, apple and banana), in a lovely frame of acidity and minerality.
Scurati Bianco Ceuso
The charming grotto of Scurati in the medieval village of Custonaci is the namesake for the young wine made from the best selection of Grillo grapes from the vineyard on the highest hill of the estate. 
Alhambra Sicilian White Wine Spadafora
This is a fresh wine, which should be consumed within two years. The name refers to my family's Spanish origins and we produce 75,000 bottles of it.
The grapes are equal quantities of Catarratto and Inzolia, fermented separately. The wines are blended in November.
Brusìo Bianco Fazio
Dawn on the gentle salt hills; a soft hum of windmills: this is the landscape in which we cultivate our vineyards. The fusion of these two nobile grape varieties expresses a wine with a rich perfume and a refined flavour.
Müller Thurgau Fazio
Harmonium expression of the fruity wine. This wine stems from the happy meeting between the northern grapevine and the sunny “terroir” of Sicily.

Grillo Aegades Fazio
Our Grillo wine is grown on the slopes of Mount Erice, a provenance of the happiest union between cultivation and land. This is a sunny wine with unique characteristics. 

Cellaro Bianco Cellaro
This wine makes for a delicious party time wine, yet it fares equally well with a variety of spicy, typically hard to pair foods. For starters, Inzolia possesses a penchant for accompanying a wide array of foods.
Inzolia Principe di Corleone
Inzolia by Principe di Corleone is a Sicilian white wine with a deep straw yellow color. Intense and harmonious bouquet with hints of fruit and white flowers. Fresh, lively, harmonious and persistent flavour.
Pinot Bianco Principe di Corleone
The Pinot Bianco of Principe di Corleone is a Sicilian white wine obtained from the homonymous vine. It is a wine for the whole meal, it goes pleasantly with appetizers, aperitifs, dishes based on fish and shellfish, soups and soft cheeses. Drunk chilled, it is an excellent aperitif.
Sinedìe Chardonnay Principe di Corleone
Principe di Corleone: wines that are like poetry in a glass, masterpieces that reflect the authenticity of an exceptional place – Corleone. Principe di Corleone wines, and the Pollara family themselves, have always been the guardians of this glorious winemaking tradition, which is the end result of a great deal of passion, commitment and love.
Insolia- Levantio Fazio
Colour:yellow straw colour with gold reflections. Perfume: characteristic perfume of Insolia, with marked notes of mature exotic fruit. Taste: characteristic perfume of Insolia, with marked notes of mature exotic fruit.

Inzolia Feudo Arancio
Inzolia by Feudo Arancio is a Sicilian white wine from an old varietal typical for Sicily. It finds its ideal habitat in warm and windy climates for producing great wines. With a young character, Inzolia is a fruity and harmonious wine with vanilla notes.
Kados Duca di Salaparuta
The Risignolo estate, with its lands parched by the Sicilian sun, is home to Kados, a single varietal wine produced from Grillo grapes. An extraordinarily well-structured and full-bodied white wine with floral and citrus notes. Its full, velvety and lively flavour embodies all of the charm of this noble land.
Chardonnay Cellar Patria
Chardonnay IGT originally from the Bourgogne and Champagne regions. This splendid variety has been exported all over the world, so to affirm its importance as the best known white in the world. Here in Sicily it has found an optimum environment to reach a good level of ripeness But above all, thanks to our wine-making techniques, it has expressed unique and territorial characteristics.
Conte Hugues Chardonnay Cellar Rapitalà
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Is a synthesis of the Tenuta’s philosophy, expressing with its strong personality the uniqueness of the area. The selection of the grapes from the most celebrated vine parcels, the vinification techniques which enhance its typicity and the prestigious bottle with the relief of the ancient noble coat of arms of the Bernard de la Gatinais family make Conte Hugues the symbolic wine of Rapitalà.
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Casalj Alcamo White Cellar Rapitalà
A document of 1340 chronicles a dispute before the royal, court concerning the possession of a particularly sought after fief in the district of "Casalj Rabitallavi”. This was the ancient name of Tenuta Rapitalà. Vigna Casalj di Rapitalà is a Sicilian white wine made from Catarratto grapes, with clear Mediterranean references of sage, tomato leaf and capers. The terroir gives it freshness and minerality.
Piano Maltese White Cellar Rapitalà
Catarratto and chardonnay grapes give this wine fresh Mediterranean scents and a savoury, elegant flavour with a typical hint of bitter almonds. Piano Maltese is the heart of the Tenuta Rapitalà, gentle hills at between 300 and 600 metres altitude, which, because of their history, terrain and climate endow wines with a special character. 
Viognier Mandrarossa winery
Viognier DOC - Mandrarossa Winery
Viognier by Mandrarossa is a Sicilian white wine that smells of apricot obtained from 100% Viognier grapes. In Sicily, this international grape gives life to wines with intense and enveloping aromas thanks to the rich and fresh soils located near water sources, the "senie". Perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner.
Insolia Cusumano
Cold pressing with skins and first fermentation at a temperature of 8°C for around 12 hours, soft second pressing. Cold decanting and fermentation at a temperature of 18-20°C, period on the lees in stainless steel containers at least 4 months, and successive fining in the bottle.
Chardonnay DOC Tasca D'Almerita
Vigna San Francesco - Tenuta Regaleali
Tasca D'Almerita's Chardonnay is a Sicilian white wine made from grapes grown in the unrepeatable terroir of Regaleali. Produced with wisdom, Chardonnay Vigna San Francesco reaches the heights of perfection by surprisingly combining the refinement of the international grape and the radiance of the Mediterranean. The result is an elegant, intense, balanced and beautifully fresh wine.
Corvo Bianco
Corvo Bianco, a classic Sicilian wine, is produced from Sicilian vines cultivated on warm, sunny hills. Mediterranean and rich in the island’s scents it is a harmonious, versatile white wine with lots of character. 
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Ginolfo Baglio di Pianetto
100% Viognier, we believe this excellent grape represents a wine for the future which is not yet very well known in Sicily. The wine shows the skills of the Sicilian winemaking techniques. The green harvest, the sun, the altitude and the meticulous selection of grapes are matured for three mounths in barriques, giving extra complexity to this wine.
Ficiligno Baglio di Pianetto
The grapes Viognier (50%) and Insolia (50%), are grown at 650 metres above sea level on the Pianetto Estate in S. Cristina Gela; they are mixed together to produce a wine that is fresh and elegant wuth intense and persistent aromas; in the beginning there are floral notes, then slowly the change to tropical fruits.
Grillo Principe di Corleone
Grillo von Principe di Corleone is a Sicilian white wine with a golden yellow color from the Grillo grape variety. The taste is full and complex. The scent highlights notes of almond and floral scents.
Terre delle Baronie Bianco Milazzo
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Obtained from organic Catarratto Lucido grapes grown on the extraordinary Garcitella terroir, Terre della Baronia by Milazzo is a Sicilian white wine that offers Mediterranean aromas and ripe tropical fruit, with good verticality and acidity. The finish is elegant and persistent.
Maria Costanza Bianco Milazzo
The Maria Costanza Bianco by Milazzo is a Sicilian white wine from Inzolia grapes and Chardonnay biotypes. It is a very intense and characteristic organic wine of a green Inzolia clone, which stands out original and delicate essences. The success of this extraordinary Sicilian white wine is guaranteed by the awards obtained in prestigious international competitions.
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Castello Svevo Bianco Milazzo
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COLOUR: Light straw yellow with shades of green. 
BOUQUET: Pleasing, diverse and fresh; heavy scent of white flowers. TASTE: Clean, delicate, characteristic. A touch of fragrant acidity gives it a fresh and keen taste. 
Etna Bianco DOC Tenuta delle Terre Nere
Etna Bianco by Tenuta delle Terre Nere is a Sicilian white wine born from the assembly of 5 Sicilian native vines: Carricante in prevalence, Catarratto, Inzolia, Grecanico and Minnella. All from old vines. A perfect, delicious and versatile wine.
Charme Bianco Firriato
Charme Bianco Firriato - Sparkling wine
Fresh, mineral and seductive, Charme Bianco by Firriato is a dynamic Sicilian white wine for the most cheerful and carefree moments. With the exuberance and vitality of talented young people, he is able to create unexpected, persuasive atmospheres of unusual elegance and beauty, distinguishing himself in the style and innate grace that is his.
Le Sabbie Etna Bianco Firriato
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Etna Bianco di Firriato is a Sicilian wine of great inspiration, with a full taste and rich in texture with a persistent flavor. With a long expression, freshness and fragrance, it is a vivid example of Etna white wines for the olfactory and gustatory suggestions that it brings as a dowry.
Caselle Etna Bianco DOC Benanti
Its name seems to attributed by the vine-grovers of Viagrande because of its characteristics of allowing a good, constant production over the years. The bunches, at ripeness, are of average length usually, and scattered; the grape is of medium-sized with very pruinose skin and a greenyellowish color. The pulp is juicy and the taste is simple and sweet. 
Pietramarina Etna Bianco DOC Benanti
Organoleptic characteristics: - Color: pale yellowish with greenish tints. - Scent: intense, rich and fruity, of orange and lemon flower, and ripe apple. - Taste: dry, with pleasant acidity, nice aromatic persistence and after taste of anise and almond. 
Edèlmio Bianco IGT Benanti
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- Color: pale yellow. - Scent: intense, rich, full, fruity with scents of ripe apples, citrus, anise and bitter almond. - Taste: dry, harmonic, full-bodied, reasonably acidulous, with after taste of anise and almond.
Selezione Di Famiglia Milazzo
Dry wine, lingering long in the mouth, very elegant, fine, with a silky consistency. It has good acidity, which is never aggressive and mixes in well, also a notably aromatic and lasting quality. 
Giada Principe di Corleone
Giada by Principe di Corleone is a Sicilian white wine made from Trebbiano grapes and other typical grapes of the area. It is a fruity wine with aromatic notes, straw yellow in color with greenish reflections. The palate is delicate, subtle, balanced and pleasantly aromatic.
Etna Bianco D.O.C. Murgo
Etna Bianco di Murgo is a Sicilian white wine made from Carricante and Catarratto grapes. Fruity and floral with notes of broom and yellow apple.
Elegant wine with an aromatic complexity, a balance and a mineral sensation that comes from the volcanic soil.
Pietra Nera Bianco Marco De Bartoli
The first dry white wine from Zibibbo grapes on Pantelleria
Pietra Nera by Marco De Bartoli is a Sicilian white wine, born from Zibibbo grapes. Symbol of the nature of the island of Pantelleria lava, is a wine that is in contrast to the typical production of Moscato di Pantelleria, a demonstration of the revolutionary potential of the Zibibbo. Unique glass stopper. A mineral, aromatic, intense and complex dry table wine.
Alcamo DOC Cusumano
Straw-yellow color with greenish reflections; complex, characterful, fruity bouquet that is highly expressive of the source grapes and harvest time; fresh balanced and persistent on the palate.
Bianca di Valguarnera Duca di Salaparuta
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Bianca di Valguarnera Inzolia - Duca di Salaparuta
Bianca di Valguarnera by Duca di Salaparuta is a Sicilian white wine of great tradition obtained from Insolia grapes. Aged in oak barrels, it shows a complex and aromatic bouquet with hints of vanilla and dried fruit. A white wine for important occasions, also perfect as a meditation wine.