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We begin our selection of international wines with the wines of Bordeaux and one of the most famous Bordeaux wine areas, Saint-Émilion.
The three main grape varieties with which Bordeaux red wines are produced are Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Among the less famous Bordeaux white wines than the reds, we offer a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle grapes.

Lacroix AOC Bordeaux Supérieur CT Domaines Sarl
Bordeaux-style wine
Lacroix is a Superior Bordeaux produced by the merger of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. It is an elegant, velvety and fruity wine with a ruby red color.
Brut Crémant de Savoie Domaine Jean Vullien
Classic method sparkling wine from Savoy
Blend obtained by Chardonnay, Jacquère and Altesse, the Brut Crémant de Savoie will enchant your aperitifs with a lot of freshness and simplicity. Chardonnay gives it substance and finesse. The Jacquère and the Altesse gives it its typicity and originality.
Jacquère Domaine Jean Vullien
Freshness and purity of the terroir distinguish Jacquère from the Jean Vullien winery. It is a white wine from Savoy with a delicate but intense flavor due to its minerality.
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Champagne Breton Corentin Brut Nature
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Champagne Brut Nature - Breton Corentin
Corentin Breton's Brut Nature is a dry, complex Champagne with a strong flavor but very drinkable. The name Brut Nature is given to Champagne for the residual sugar of less than or equal to 3 g/l and for this reason it is also called zero dosage or non-dosed. Brut Nature by Breton Corentin, from a good zero dosage, has a marked verticality in the mouth but also surprises for its harmony. Its expressiveness is excellent, enhanced by the addition of Chardonnay grapes to Pinot Noir.
Rubis Brut Rosé Domaine Jean Vullien
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Traditional Method Brut Rosé Rubis - Jean Vullien Winery
Rubis Brut Rosé is a Traditional Method sparkling wine from the Jean Vullien winery. Obtained from Gamay and Mondeuse grapes, it is a Savoy Brut that will win you over for its freshness and simplicity. Excellent as an aperitif or dessert.