Cucunci - Capers Fruits
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Cucunci - Capers Fruits in E.V.O.O.

Caper fruits in oil – Kazzen Oro di Pantelleria

Kazzen, artisan producer of Pantelleria, produces one of the rarest preserves, the Cucunci (fruit of the caper) in extra virgin olive oil. Precious caper fruits grown with respect for the land and processed with modern technologies in accordance with the traditional methods of Pantelleria, without the addition of preservatives, dyes or chemical additives. High quality cucunci, without peduncle, desalted and packaged with an excellent extra virgin olive oil, ready to use.

  • 90 g

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Quality Kazzen Cucunci in extra virgin olive oil - Typical Sicilian product

Quality and genuineness in a jar of Caper Fruits or Cucunci in oil from the Kazzen Company of Pantelleria. Aromatic Cucunci, without the peduncle, desalted and packaged only with extra virgin olive oil. The goodness of Kazzen Cucunci in oil is due to the attention with which the entire production process is carried out, from cultivation to processing, keeping the organoleptic and aromatic characteristics unaltered. A typical Sicilian product, the fruit of the caper is the perfect ingredient to embellish aperitifs and appetizers.

Harvest: manual, at the end of September when no more buds (capers) are produced

Color: dark green tending to mustard

Perfume: intense and true

Taste: aromatic, not rude and herbaceous like other cucunci collected and processed in lands far from Pantelleria

Use: ideal for salads, appetizers and delicious and refined aperitifs

Storage: keep in a cool and dry place. Once the jar is opened, keep it in the fridge

Ingredients: caper fruits 55%, extra virgin olive oil 45%

Average nutritional values per 100 g

Calories: 432.17 Kcal/ 1823.76 KJ

Fats: 45.5 g of which 0.13 g saturated

Carbohydrates: 0.9 g of which sugars 0.0 g

Proteins: 1.3 g

Fibers: 1.76g

Salt: 6 g

Produced and packaged by Kazzen Srl - Pantelleria (TP) – Italy

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