Cucunci from Salina with salt
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Cucunci from Salina with salt

Precious fruits of the Caper of Salina - Azienda Agricola Mirabito

The Cucunci DOP from Salina are the prized fruit of the caper plant grown on the island of Salina for over 50 years by the Mirabito farm. Preservation in sea salt keeps the fragrance and their properties unaltered. Extraordinarily aromatic, the Cucunci from Salina are excellent for enhancing the taste of any dish with their persistent flavour.

  • 250 g

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Aromatics Cucunci from Salina by Mirabito Farm – Caper of the Aeolian Islands DOP

Buy the Cucunci DOP from Salina with salt from the Mirabito farm on, the only one on the island of Salina to be registered with the DOP. Precious caper fruit, these Cucunci grown on the island of Salina are unique and recognizable not only for their intense and fragrant aroma but also for their elongated shape. Of an intense green colour, they are harvested when the plant no longer produces buds (capers). In addition to flavoring and enhancing dishes, Cucunci are an excellent ally of beauty and health, because being rich in antioxidants they are part of the foods that prevent tumors and degenerative diseases.

Harvesting period: from the end of July to August, in the cool hours of the day

Production method: the freshly picked cucunci are hung out to dry on jute sheets in a cool place. After a few hours we proceed to salting, a simple process but done with great care. The Cucunci are placed in seasoned wooden barrels called "tinedda" alternating with a layer of coarse sea salt. For 8 days the Cucunci are "cured" by transferring them from one "tinedda" to another in order to prevent the continued action of salt and heat from ruining them. 30 days after the start of salting they are ready to be eaten.

Colour: deep green

Shape: elongated, similar to gherkins

Taste: aromatic, persistent

Ingredients: caper cucunci, Sicilian sea salt 20%

Net weight: 250g

Average nutritional values per 100 g

Calories: 42Kcal/175KJ

Proteins: 3.1 g

Fats: 1.1 g of which 0.0 g saturated

Humidity: 68.1g

Fibers: 5.4g

Ashes: 15.9 g

Carbohydrates: 6.4 g of which sugars 1.0 g

Sodium-salt: 6.32 g / 15.8 g

Produced by the Lorenzo Mirabito farm in Malfa - Salina Island (ME) - Italy


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I veri ed intramontabili cucunci....buonissimi

By alberto m. the 07/20/2023
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