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Terra Madre offers quality whiskey, also with a touch of Sicily. Continue reading to discover our products, what the origins of this distillate are, the different types, how it can be combined and much more!

History and origin of the term whisky

The term whiskey is generally used to indicate those distilled in Scotland and Canada, while whiskey refers to those distilled in Ireland and the United States.

It is not possible to establish precisely when the first whiskey distillate was made, which occurred in Scotland or Ireland. There is therefore a heated rivalry between those who try to claim paternity of the distillate.

Today, all over the world, this alcohol is loved by many people, some of whom try to create unique spirits, also combining characteristics and tastes belonging to different places.

Raw materials and manufacturing processes

The main materials used are water, cereals (rye, wheat, corn, malted or unmalted barley), peat and yeast.

The preparation processes are different, we find: Maceration, fermentation, distillation, maturation, mixing, bottling.

The whiskey is matured for several years, from two to even 20 years, in oak barrels. The minimum maturation time is established by law in the various states in which it is produced.

MALTATION: Treatment of cereals to make the starches contained in the seeds more soluble

COOKING: Processing phase which concerns only unmalted cereals (corn) and involves the production of North American whiskeys

INFUSION: Completes the transformation of the friend into fermentable sugars

FERMENTATION: Converts sugars into alcohol, thanks to yeasts

DISTILLATION: There are several procedures for distilling. In the production of Malt Whiskey there are two-three distillations, with a still that works discontinuously (pot still), while corn whiskeys and American whiskeys are produced with continuous method stills (patent still)

MATURATION: Aging that takes place in oak barrels, with a period that can reach up to 50 years

MIXING: It also involves mixing different types of whisky

Types of whisky

SCOTCH WHISKEY: The most important and valuable in the world, considered the homeland of this distillate, it is made in Scotland. Peat is found in abundance within this territory.

SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKEY: Obtained with only malted barley and no other cereals, using a single distillery

GRAIN WHISKEY: Obtained from malted barley and the addition of further cereals, using a single distillery

BLENDED MALT WHISKEY: Blend with different Single Malts that come from different distilleries

BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKEY: Obtained from a blend of Grain Whisky, in which different Single Malts are added in small percentages

IRISH WHISKEY: Distilled and aged in Ireland. A triple distillation is adopted.

AMERICAN WHISKEY - BOURBON: Produced and aged in the United States. Bourbon belongs to this category and is the most widespread and appreciated in America, in its creation it is obliged to use a minimum of 51% corn and an aging of at least 4 years in charred American oak barrels

STRAIGHT BOURBON: A Bourbon in all respects, with a difference on aging, where in this case the minimum is 2 years

RYE WHISKEY: Made with a minimum of 51% rye. With a less sweet taste than Bourbon, but with the same aging

TENNESSEE WHISKEY: Same as Bourbon, with the difference that before bottling, maple charcoal filtration takes place which accentuates the hints of smoke. The most famous is Jack Daniels

MOONSHINE: Unaged corn distillate. One of the first spirits during the prohibition period

JAPANESE WHISKEYS: With a distinctive character they are divided into Single Malt and Blended. Whiskey with a fragrant and elegant character

How to taste whisky

First of all, the use of a tulip glass is recommended, to encourage the best release of flavors and taste.

You must make sure to serve this alcohol at a room temperature, around 18-20°

The best way to enjoy whiskey is to drink it neat. However, given the strong alcohol content which can cover the palate and make the taste difficult to perceive, it is possible to dilute it with water at room temperature.

Whiskey is not considered a meal drink, although it can be perfectly paired when tasting Sicilian cheeses or high quality dark chocolate, it all depends on the type you are drinking.

Whiskey for cocktails

Although whiskey is best enjoyed straight, over time several cocktails have been created using this alcohol, which have become famous throughout the world, let's discover some of them:

OLD FASHIONED: 4.5 cl of Bourbon or Rye whisky, 2 drops of Angostura bitters, a sugar cube and a splash of soda. All decorated with a slice of orange and a cherry. Considered the oldest cocktail in the world

IRISH COFFEE: 4 cl of Irish Whiskey, 9 cl of long American coffee and 1 teaspoon of cane sugar. All accompanied by a note of fresh, lightly whipped cream

GODFATHER: 3.5 cl of Scotch and 3.5 cl of amaretto

MANHATTAN: 5 cl of Rye Whiskey, 2 cl of red vermouth and a drop of angostura. All topped off with a maraschino cherry

WHISKEY SOUR: 4.5 cl of Bourbon and 3 cl of lemon juice, with the addition of a pinch of sugar

BOULEVARDIER (FAKE NEGRONI): 30 ml of Campari, 30 ml of red vermouth, 40 ml of Bourbon Whiskey

Is whiskey gluten-free?

Whiskey, throughout its distillation process, is made gluten-free, although this is not the case in all cases, because all stages of processing and the finished product must be considered. We at TerraMadre specify carefully whether our products have traces of gluten or not, so as to meet all customer needs, avoiding unpleasant inconveniences.

The Busker - Whiskey Single Grain
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The Busker - Single Grain is one of the whiskeys that summarizes the choice of spirits with high quality value, matured inside Bourbon barrels in the United States and in the only Marsala barrels, coming from one of the oldest Sicilian cellars: Florio 1833.
The Busker - Whiskey Single Malt
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The Busker - Single Malt Whiskey is one of the most prominent liqueurs in the tradition of the Royal Oak Distillery, located in Ireland.
With a classic and artisanal style, its workmanship uses the highest quality barley, coming from local cultivations.
Perfect for all whiskey lovers, even the most demanding ones.
The Busker - Whiskey Single Pot Still
Whiskey Single Pot Still is the most typical and characteristic representation of Irish whiskey, made by the Royal Oak Distillery.
Loved by enthusiasts, it is made using malted barley and unmalted barley, with refinement on fine woods.
Perfect for those looking for authentic and elegant taste.