Amari liqueurs


Amaro is a kind of Italian bitter liqueur that's often consumed as a digestif, and until recently was often buried among the lists of ingredients in cocktails.
Amari are made with a dizzying array of secret ingredients that includes herbs, fruit and a neutral base spirit; they were once prized for their medicinal qualities but eventually fell out of favor as the times changed and tastes evolved.

Florio - Amaro Della Compagnia
Bitter liquor with a long tradition and a marked character. Its name  comes from the fact that it was reserved for the crews of the Florio shipping company who in the 19th century sailed along transoceanic routes.
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Amaro Averna
Averna has always been a guarantee of high quality and reliability, and thanks to its wide product range, it is suitable to have any time of day with its harmonious tastes joining tradition and modernity. 

Amara Rossa
Only the best Blood Orange peel meets an herbal and sugar infusion: that procedure gives birth to a natural digestive, with a unique and strong taste, golden and crystal clear, produced in small quantities, with the tradition in mind and using no additives. With its Mediterranean aroma, every bottle embodies the love for Sicily.

Amaro Nebros
Nebros is an homemade alcoholic digestive bitter produced in a natural way according to an ancient recipe that preserves all the vegetable components of the bitter, with the infusion of roots, medicinal plants, berries and natural aromas.This bitter is produced without adding any additives.
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Lumia - Amaro al Limone
Amaro Lumia is the fruit of an old pharmaceutical recipe proposed by grandmother of one the founder members, retrieved in 2016, thanks to their passion for their own "TerraMadre": Sicily. Exclusively hand-made. Lumia is born from the infusion of herbs, aromatic roots and from the best Sicilian lemon peel. Amaro Lumia The best Sicily there is.