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Grappa & Brandy

These grappas come from vines of noble traditions, the world famouses: “Nero d’Avola”, “Nerello Mascalese”, “Moscato di Pantelleria”. A delicated fermentation process and the distillation in copper alembics, exalt their taste and their intensive aroma.

Grappa di Mille e una Notte Astucciata Donnafugata
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Grappa Mille e una Notte Donnafugata - Grappa made from fine red grapes
An excellent digestive, Donnafugata's Grappa Mille e una Notte is produced from the distillation of the precious red grapes used for the Mille e una Notte wine. Aged in barriques, it has an extraordinarily pleasant and appealing wide array of aromas, revealing notes of dried, toasted, cooked fruit as well as fruit in syrup and even ripe morello cherries, which alternate with notes of honey and vanilla. Soft on the palate, it is a Sicilian grappa with an aristocratic and persuasive personality.
Grappa di Morsi di Luce Florio
The great aromatic potential of the Zibibbo grapes grown on the volcanic lands of the windy island of Pantelleria is what makes Grappa Morsi di Luce so uninque. It is the fruit of the masterly and careful distillation of the marc in steam pot stills. This grappa captures all the hints and scents rich of the sunny warmth and aromas typical of Zibibbo grapes.
Grappa Harmonium Riserva Firriato
Harmonium Grappa riserva is a blend of acquavite of different vintages, distilled over a maximum period of 5 years and aged in barrels of limousine oak, beech, chestnut, mulberry and cherry. Each type of wood contributes to a specific characterization of absolute authenticity and craftsmanship.

Grappa di Zibibbo Duca di Castelmonte
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Grappa is actually a brandy distilled from grape seeds and pomace. Dry and high in alcohol, it is usually white and served as an after dinner drink. 
Grappa di Pietramarina Benanti
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This grappa is obtained from the marcs of Carricante, of the vineyard of Pietramarina Etna Biano Superiore D.O.C. Carricante is cultivated on the eastern slopes of Etna at 920 m asl.

Vera Grappa di Nero D'Avola Milazzo
Vera Grappa of Nero d'Avola - Milazzo Winery
From the precious pomace of Nero d'Avola with which the extraordinary reds of the Milazzo Winery are produced, we obtain the Vera Grappa di Nero d'Avola by Milazzo. The distillation is artisanal and discontinuous, in copper stills, with direct steam. The result is a "raw" grappa which, "cut" and cold-filtered to best preserve all the aromas, takes on a clear appearance and offers a balanced and round bouquet.
Grappa Quater Firriato
Quater is a modern grappa with a soft aromatic bouquet. A highly developed distillate aimed at a discerning international audience, no longer used to the traditional grappa. It is a acquavite that is refined and attentively treated in every aspect of its production. 
Grappasessanta Mazzei
From the knowledgeable hand of Master Distiller Giovi comes a truly unique grappa. Grappasessanta is produced using an exclusive method that includes aging in small barrels. The result is a powerful, complex yet at the same time smooth grappa. 
Grappa Duca Enrico Duca di Salaparuta
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Our Grappa Duca Enrico is the fruit of the marc obtained from the finest Nero d' Avola grapes selected for our "great wine". Our steam pot stills and the slow and controlled distillation have created a unique grappa, which, after aging in small, fine oak casks, embodies the essence and strong character of Sicily and the rich hints of the best Nero d'Avola grapes.

Grappa Isabel Milazzo
Isabel is a very pure grappa obtained entirely with Inzolia grapes. It has an intense, soft and enveloping aroma on the palate. Boxed packaging.
Grappa di Ben Ryè Astucciata Donnafugata

Grappa Ben Ryé Donnafugata - Grappa from Zibibbo grapes
An excellent digestive, Donnafugata's Grappa Ben Ryé is produced from the distillation of the precious Zibibbo grapes used for the Ben Ryé passito on the island of Pantelleria. The grappa has an antique gold hue and is extremely clear; it is distinctly but not excessively sweet on the palate. The bouquet initially delivers typical citrus notes, followed by a superb aromatic array of fresh and candied fruit (citron, peach, apricot and exotic fruit) blended with a subtle aroma of vanilla.
Grappadinero Silver - Grappa of Nero d'Avola
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GrappaDiNero Silver - Sicilian Grappa of Nero d'Avola!
GrappaDiNero Silver is a grappa produced by the distillation of pomace of Nero d'Avola grapes in purity. Transparency in color and softness on the palate make GrappaDiNero Silver a young quality grappa.
Grappadinero Gold - Grappa of Nero d'Avola
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GrappaDiNero Gold - Sicilian Grappa from Nero d'Avola!
GrappaDiNero Gold is a grappa produced by distilling the best pomace of 100% Nero d'Avola grapes. Aged in barriques, Grappa Di Nero Gold is a quality barricaded grappa with hints of wood, spicy, soft and enveloping on the palate.
Carob Grappa
Carob Grappa - Grappa from Nerello Mascalese!
From the encounter between the best selection of Sicilian carob beans, rich in pulp and taste, and the Grappa of Nerello Mascalese from Etna, an excellent Grappa alla Carruba is born. The delicate balance between the sweetness of carob and the strong aroma of Nerello Mascalese blend and give life to an explosion of heady scents typical of Sicily, a land of traditions and passions.
Grappa Nonino Vendemmia Riserva 18 Months
Grappa Nonino Vendemmia Riserva 18 Months – 100% Artisan distillation and 0% colourants
Velvety and persistent, Grappa Nonino Vendemmia Riserva 18 Months is a blend of grappas from fresh pomace of Friuli grapes. Produced with discontinuous artisan distillation in copper steam stills and without dyes, it is left to age for over 18 months in barriques and small barrels. Grappa Vendemmia Riserva 18 Months is excellent to sip while reading a book or smoking a good cigar.
The Merlot of Nonino Grappa Monovitigno
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Grappa Nonino Il Merlot – 100% Artisan distillation
Soft and seductive, Grappa Nonino Il Merlot is a single-varietal distillate obtained from Merlot pomace selected from suitable areas and distilled with the discontinuous artisan distillation in copper steam stills. Drunk at the end of a meal or at any time of the day, Nonino's Grappa Il Merlot is a source of true pleasure.
Grappa Vendemmia Nonino
Grappa Vendemmia Nonino – 100% Artisan distillation
Character, elegance and aroma distinguish Grappa Vendemmia Nonino, a full-bodied and velvety distillate, produced from the pomace of Pinot and Malvasia with artisanal discontinuous distillation in copper steam stills.