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Typical Sicilian Liquors

Along with the products defined typical because of the raw materials used, offers a wide range of high quality Classical Liqueurs. To be served chilled in chilled glasses. The liqueur is an excellent dessert, very indicated also in the preparation of fruit salad, cocktails and long drinks.

Lemon Liqueur
This liqueur is the result of a patient process that uses selected raw materials and first choice ingredients. A traditional recipe prepared for slow infusion of fresh Sicilian lemons and orange blossom honey.
Cinnamon Rosolio
Cinnamon Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Buy Cinnamon Rosolio in our store, an artisanal liqueur that will make you rediscover the scent of oriental spices. The intense aroma of cinnamon and the soft taste of this Sicilian liqueur with digestive properties will pleasantly accompany your desserts.
Prickly pear Rosolio
Prickly Pear Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Among our choice of Sicilian products, we cannot miss the Rosolio di Ficodindia, made with prickly pears from Etna. Let yourself be seduced by the scent and color of this artisanal prickly pear liqueur, perfect for any occasion.
It is obtained by the natural maceration in alcohol of the peel of lemons, oranges and tangerines. These ingredients give the liqueur a strong aroma as well as a very strong taste. Citrus fruit should be enjoyed both as an aperitif and as a digestive after meals.
Hazelnut liqueur
Hazelnut cream is a typical Sicilian liqueur obtained from a craftsmanship with the selection of first choice materials and natural ingredients, such as Sicilian hazelnuts.
Liqueur cream with "Green Pistachio from Bronte D.O.P."
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The Liqueur Cream with "Bronte Green Pistachio D.O.P." is a Sicilian artisan preparation based on alcoholic infusion of pistachio made with the selection of the best raw materials and with natural ingredients.Its pleasantness is combined with the elegance of the bottles which enhances the product making it an excellent gift idea.
Myrtle of Bacchus Liqueur
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Myrtle Liqueur contains all the perfume of Mediterranean brush.  Is made from the berries (red myrtle) and leaves (white myrtle) of Myrtus Communis. 
Chocolate and Orange Liqueur
Liqueur with an innovative and original taste that combines the sweetness of cocoa with the fresh notes of real Sicilian oranges. This liqueur should be served cold or at room temperature.
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Walnut liqueur is dark in colour, aromatic and quite fiery in taste.Is a liqueur with a delicate and round flavour of walnuts. Serve or straight from the freezer, or try it in an expresso or cappuccino.
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Prugnolino (little plum) is genuine liqueur typical of Nebrodi.The authentic one is obtained from a blackthorn variety, a wild berry which gives the liqueur a strong and distinct flavour, delightful in its slightly mouth-puckering aftertaste.

Liqueur Ambra Rossa
This is a truly distinctive Liqueur. At first the spicy cinnamon flavour dominates, but then the flavour of the herbs comes through for a real taste experience…… and a cool, smooth finish. Cinnamon Red is at its best when drunk straight and chilled, but is also a great base for creating extra-ordinary cocktails.
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Pomegranate liqueur
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Appreciated for making cocktails and long drinks, the pomegranate liqueur is an artisan liqueur made with pomegranates of the Sicilian variety Wonderful.
Fennel Rosolio
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Fennel Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Among the typical Sicilian products, the Fennel Rosolio cannot be missing, an excellent digestive liqueur obtained from the infusion of wild fennel, very popular in our Sicily. The intense and aromatic flavor and the sensation of final freshness make this artisanal liqueur a must at the end of a meal.
Pistachio Rosolio
Pistachio Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Among the typical Sicilian products, the Pistachio Rosolio, an artisanal liqueur with a sweet taste that will make you think you are tasting a dessert, cannot be missing. It is obtained from the alcohol infusion of the green heart of the best Sicilian pistachios, the green gold of our Sicily. Pistachio Rosolio is a delicate liqueur that will seduce you with its sweetness.
Orange Rosolio
Orange rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Among the typical Sicilian products, you cannot fail to try the Orange Rosolio, a very fragrant artisan liqueur obtained from the infusion of 100% Sicilian orange peel in alcohol. The freshness and persistent aroma of this orange liqueur will pleasantly accompany every end of a meal. It is a versatile liqueur that you can also use to prepare cocktails or flavor fruit salads and creams.
Tangerine Rosolio
Tangerine Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Buy Tangerine Rosolio in our store, an artisanal liqueur with a citrus scent obtained from the infusion of Sicilian tangerine peel in alcohol. Experience the freshness and soft taste of this Sicilian tangerine liqueur.
Murika, Modica Chocolate Liqueur
Murika, Modica Chocolate Liqueur - Sicilian artisan product!
Let yourself be tempted by the creaminess of the Modica chocolate liqueur, Murika. It is a lactose-free Sicilian artisan liqueur. Its sublime taste will win you over.
Pistachio Liqueur Cream
Pistachio Liqueur Cream - Sicilian product!
Try the Pistachio Liqueur Cream as a topping to enrich ice cream and fruit salads. Its pistachio scent and its creaminess will conquer your guests.
OroMoro - Liqueur with orange infusion
OroMoro - Sicilian artisan product!
OROMORO is the most authentic Sicilian distillate that contains the scents of our Sicily. It is the result of a unique and original mix of Nero d'Avola distillate, a native grape variety, and an infusion of Moro Oranges, a variety of blood oranges typical of the Etna area. It is a very fragrant, well-structured orange liqueur with a persistent aroma.
Amaro Unico - Sicilian Amaro
Amaro Unico - The Sicilian artisanal Amaro
Unico is the artisanal Sicilian Amaro produced by Compagnia Mediterranea Liquori according to the ancient tradition, without artificial flavors, preservatives, additives and caramel. The star ingredient of Unico is Sicilian avocado, the new "Green Gold" of Sicily.
Amaro dell'Etna
Amaro dell’Etna - Sicilian Amaro since 1901
Prepared according to the ancient Sicilian tradition, for over a century, the Amaro dell’Etna is a bitter with character and an intense and spicy taste. Produced without preservatives and without artificial colors or sources of gluten, it is an authentic liqueur, appreciated by lovers of good spirits.
Lemoncello from Sicily
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Lemoncello of Sicily - Bomapi
Bomapi's Lemoncello di Sicilia is a typical Sicilian artisan liqueur, made with the best peel of Sicilian lemons matured under the sun of our beloved land. With a unique and creamy taste, this liqueur is reminiscent of homemade limoncello.
Zahare Citrus flower liqueur
Artisanal citrus liqueur
Zahare is an artisanal citrus flower liqueur produced in Marsala by Punico Liquori. A Sicilian liqueur with a strong character and an intense aroma of orange blossom that tells of Sicily in a fresh and unmistakable sip.