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Caprini della Razza Girgentana

Girgentana goat cheese Talè
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Goat's cheese from Girgentana goat's milk
Talè is a rare Girgentana goat's cheese with a washed rind similar to Taleggio, which inspired its name. A goat's cheese with a strong personality, marked aromaticity and the aromas of Mediterranean scrub.
Robiola Fresca
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Fresh and creamy Girgentana goat cheese
Robiola is produced from excellent Girgentana goat's milk through lactic coagulation. A delicious goat's cheese with a soft and creamy texture, with a delicate, slightly acidic flavor and a slight hint of goat. It is a fresh product, highly digestible and with low cholesterol content. It lends itself to being mixed with spices and aromatic herbs, or served with jams, fruit chutneys or chestnut honey.
Matured Girgentana goat cheese
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Matured Girgentana goat's caciotta
Exquisite mature Girgentana goat cheese, whose origins date back to the 11th century BC. One of a kind Sicilian goat cheese, obtained from the extraordinary organic goat's milk and produced in an artisanal way. Intense flavor and compact, soft consistency for an irresistible caciotta.
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Fior Di Capra Stagionato
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It is Italian cheese, semi-hard, medium matured with refined and delicate aromas, produced with fresh goat`s milk of the best quality following the traditional methods. 
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Caciotta Scirocco
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Caciotta is a cheese semiseasoned of cylindrical shape, is a semi-hard cheese. It is served alone or together with boards of cheese and charcuterie.

Vegetable cheese Ficu
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Spreadable Girgentana goat cheese
Wrapped in fig leaf, Ficu is a delicious goat's cheese with vegetable rennet, good for spreading. It is obtained from the pasteurized organic milk of Girgentana goats, coagulated with the latex of fig twigs.
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Cheese in ashes Cinniri
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Girgentana goat cheese with ash
Cinniri is a cheese made with rennet coagulation of milk pasteurized goat breed Girgentana. The texture is soft with a thin crust of intense gray color due to the maturation under almond wood ash.
Goat's cheese in red wine
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Goat cheese macerated in wine
Caciotta mbriaca also called Vinum or Brillo is a Girgentana goat's cheese matured and macerated in Nero d'Avola wine. A delicious organic cheese with typical Sicilian flavours.
Spiced Girgentana goat cheeses
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Robiola flavored with natural herbs and spices
Girgentana goat cheeses with fresh and soft texture, obtained with lactic coagulation. During the processing phase they are flavored with aromatic herbs and natural spices. The flavor of these goat cheeses is truly singular, the sweet notes of the milk combine with the particularity of the spices, for an unmistakable harmony of flavours.
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Girgentana goat cheese Luna
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Goat's cheese with flowery rind
Luna is a soft Girgentana goat's cheese with a flowery rind. The blooming of the rind makes Luna a cheese with incredible sweetness and irresistible creaminess, particularly in the underrind.
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Goat cheese from round, cylindrical, about 300 g, obtained by lactic coagulation. The texture is soft, low odor from ircino, with a fresh taste, delicate butter and floral essences, with the progress of aging, edible molds are formed on the surface and the dough is enriched with a hint of undergrowth, and indeed these molds add completeness and complexity to the flavor.