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Sicilian cheeses

Sicily's milk-producing livestock production consists of sheep, goats and cows, in that order. In practice, more Sicilian cheese is produced from cow's milk than from goat's milk, but there are more goats than cows in Sicily. Virgil and other classical writers mention the flourishing export market for Sicilian cheeses in Greece. Certain Sicilian cheeses made in ancient times are still made today, though others were introduced by the Arabs, Normans and Longobards during the Middle Ages. It is true that many traditional Sicilian cheeses are made from sheep's milk, but some of the better-known ones are made from cow's milk. Here are some of the better known Sicilian cheeses: pecorino, ragusano, maiorchino, piacentino, provola, ricotta.....

Provola dei Nebrodi DOP
Originally from Floresta, in the Messina area, but produced in many municipalities on the slopes of the Nebrodi Mountains, our Provola dei Nebrodi DOP is one of the oldest and most popular Sicilian stretched curd cheeses, so much so that it has obtained, as a guarantee of quality, the DOP recognition from European Commission, Class 1.3 Cheeses.
The Maiorchino, pecorino cheese of high quality, began to be produced around the 1600's and still nowadays, in some commons of the province of Messina, the traditional "ruzzola" is carried out: the shepherds compete making the whole cheeses roll along the slope of the main street of the town.
Ragusano DOP Stagionato
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Ragusano is a stretched-curd cow’s milk cheese made on the Hyblean Plateau, where the cattle graze on rich fragrant pastures. Its origin is tied to the historic farming of the native Modicana cattle breed in the region, today at risk of extinction. Some cheesemakers, including one producer that is a member of the Slow Food Presidium, still produce it today using only the milk from Modicana cows.
Provola dei Nebrodi DOP Stagionata
Our Provola dei Nebrodi Stagionata DOP is a Sicilian cheese with spun paste which, for its quality, has obtained the DOP recognition from the European Commission, Class 1.3 Cheeses. It has its origins in Floresta, a municipality in Messina, but it is produced in many municipalities in the Nebrodi Mountains.
Sicilian Primo Sale cheese
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Sicilian Primo Sale cheese is made with sheep's milk and is one of the oldest cheeses produced in Italy. Its cradle of origin would be Mesopotamia where by chance a Sumerian shepherd invented the production technique. Homer in the Odyssey also mentions rush canestrati as containers of Sicilian compact cheeses.
Pecorino Siciliano DOP Organic Chees
The Pecorino Siciliano PDO  I’m a Sicilian hard-cheese with black peppercorn, from which the slightly spicy flavour derives. Shaped following the Sicilian traditional processing in “canestri di giunco”, reed baskets, it is perfect grated to flavour first courses or broke into flakes to add an aromatic note to salads and vegetables. I’m aged from 4 to 10 months.
Provola schiacciata
The traditional method for making Provola dei Nebrodi, a DOP cheese from Sicily, has been handed down from father to son, and is a laborious process that requires deft strong hands.
Ricotta Infornata
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La ricotta è messo in un forno una settimana prima è dato il sale, fino ad un film sottile nero-rosso si è formata. E 'deliziosa quando grattugiato sulla maccheroni e altri corsi.
Luna di Capra Girgentana
The Girgentana goat is an endangered variety to be found in the Agrigento region of Sicily. Made from pure goat’s milk, the Goat La Luna is a mature, creamy cheese with a subtle nutty taste layered on citrus notes and a full bodied flavour, tangy and slightly earthy.

Ricotta Salata
The salted ricotta is given by the dry salting and a seasoning for two months. It's delicious when grated on the maccheroni or other dishes. Ricotta Salata has a supple, mild taste that includes nutty notes and a sweet milky flavor.
Goat cheese from round, cylindrical, about 300 g, obtained by lactic coagulation. The texture is soft, low odor from ircino, with a fresh taste, delicate butter and floral essences, with the progress of aging, edible molds are formed on the surface and the dough is enriched with a hint of undergrowth, and indeed these molds add completeness and complexity to the flavor.
Provola Ragusana Stagionata
The Ragusana Provola It is a semi-hard cheese, spun dough, produced with cow's milk of different breeds, including Modican, a typical native breed of the inner of the Hyblaean area. The shape is a pear. The crust, thin, smooth, straw-colored surface, can demonstrate the presence of slight inlets due to ties.

Vastedda del Belice
Vastedda is exclusively made with Belice sheep milk, the indigenous breed, cross-bred with the many foreign varieties brought along by the many people who inhabited the island throughout the centuries: thank to an accurate selection by Sicilian breeders, the Belice sheep is among one of the best sheep varieties in Europe.
Piacentinu Ennese DOP
The Piacentinu Ennese is till now produced with technical. The milk is added with saffron and coagulates in a wooden vat at 32-35° with rennet in lamb or kid paste. The rennet is purged by hand, after that it has been laid in reed baskets, the so called "fascedde".
Canestrato Misto Stagionato
Canestrato refers to the woven baskets seen above used to hold the cheese when it is first made, and which give the rind a distinctive pattern. Typically 70-90% of the milk used for its production is sheep milk, and the balance goat milk. The cheese was very good with a nutty flavor and nice level of saltiness.
Fiore Sicano
It is produced on the Sicani Mountains in south-central Sicily, from whole cow's milk. It is a raw cheese, soft and thin crust with mold native gray uniform. The dough is soft and compact, white; perfumes are milk and cream and the flavor is slightly acidic, with a sweet aftertaste and persistent. It is aged for sixty days in basement cellars of limestone on wooden shelves or holm oak.
Ragusano DOP semi-stagionato
Ragusano is an ancient cheese made in the Sicilian countryside where they still use age-old techniques and traditional wood and copper tools. The hand-made cheese begins with fresh, whole, raw milk and natural rennet put in the "tina" (traditional wooden tub for curdling milk).
Tuma Persa
The resulting cheese was dubbed Tuma Persa, or “Lost Cheese,” and not only can it substitute for provolone, but could very well replace it. Tuma Persa is extremely flavorful, but not salty. Made from raw cow’s milk, it has an earthy taste with a sharp finish. 

Provola ca lumia (con Limone)
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A hand worked cheese that is typical of the region of Nebrodi (a mountain range in Northern Sicily). The characteristic trait of this cheese is evident by the presence of lemon "verdicello", typical of this zone of Sicily.

Tumazzu di Vacca Semistagionato
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Pressed cheese, from whole raw cow's milk, produced on the Nebrodi by grazing cows. It is another historical Sicilian cheese which has now disappeared and which Cibus is strongly contributing to enhance. Wrinkled rind, white tending to yellow.
The paste of the cheese has a white color tending to yellow.
Sicilian Secondo Sale cheese
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Are you a lover of sheep's cheese? You have to taste the Sicilian Second Salt Cheese.
The Sicilian Secondo Sale is a semi-matured cheese made with sheep's milk and is one of the oldest among those produced in Italy. It is a sheep's cheese with a compact texture and you can buy both pecorino with pepper and one without pepper from us. Buy Second Salt pecorino and enrich your dinners with flavor.
Nero Siciliano Primo Sale
Sicilian Black Pecorino is a PDO product (Protected Designation of Origin ), a variation of the classic Pecorino, the black pepper gives it a more "peppery" yet delicate flavour. It has a firm texture and slightly crumbly consistency, you can enjoy it in slices, little cubes and as a filling too. Difficult to find an excuse for not trying it! 

Nero Siciliano Secondo Sale
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The "Nero Siciliano" is a cooked cheese, white or straw-colored, with limited holes or compact. Who wanted to distinguish immediately its own cheese for the particular outside appearance, besides its inside features, put on the surface some ground black pepper and spread it on the rind, through a manual massage together with extra virgin oil.
Ubriaco al Nero d'Avola
Siciliano cheese made ​​of spun paste or pressed cow's of milk and / or raw whole sheep. Appearance : thin crust smooth dark purple with traces of burgundy. The paste of white to pale yellow, is compact and supple with fine holes. 

Ubriaco di Zibibbo
Type : Sicilian cheese made ​​of spun paste of cow's milk, whole, raw. Appearance : Split smooth, thin, dark brown or burgundy. The pulp, straw-colored, it is compact and supple with fine holes. 

Cosacavaddu Ibleo
Cosacavaddu Ibleo was named in the XIX century after the geographical area of the cheese made by the farmers living in the Hyblaean mountains (a mountain range included in the province of Ragusa). It is a pasta filata cheese made with traditional techniques and tools.

Formaggio allo zafferano
What makes this cheese so special and unique is the color and flavoring from the addition of both local saffron and black peppercorns to the cheese body during molding.

Formaggio - Il Verde di Sicilia
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Cheese "Verde di Sicilia" is a semi-mature cheese, it is produced in the mountains with milk from sheep that feed on spontaneous forage essences.
After about 20 days of seasoning, it is covered in a crust of ground pistachios and is ready for consumption. Its taste is sweet and aromatic (due to the presence of pistachio), the texture is soft and slightly crumbly.
Formaggio Rosso
Formaggio il Rosso di Sicilia is a semi-mature cheese, it is produced in the mountains with milk from sheep that feed on spontaneous forage essences. After about 60 days of maturation it is covered in a crust of ground red pepper and is ready for consumption. Sweet and aromatic and spicy (due to the presence of red pepper), the texture is soft and slightly crumbly.
Sicilian Provola
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Our Sicilian Provola is produced from cow's milk and represents one of the oldest cheeses of the Sicilian dairy tradition.
Cinniri is a cheese made with rennet coagulation of milk pasteurized goat breed Girgentana. The texture is soft with a thin crust of intense gray color due to the aging in wood ash almond. Sweet flavor with hints of dried fruit and nuts green.
Robiola Fresca
Goat cheese obtained by lactic coagulation, with a soft texture and creamy, with a delicate slightly sour taste and a slight hint goat. It 'a fresh, highly digestible and low in cholesterol. It is suitable to be blended with spices and herbs, or served with jam, fruit mustard or honey brown. Great, even as a complement of condiments of pasta dishes.
Cheese round shape, obtained by lactic coagulation of pasteurized goat's Race Girgentana. The name derives from figs coagulant used for the preparation of cheese, that is, the latex of the branches of the fig tree, and with the leaf of the same is wound shape. Matures from 2 to 4 weeks and has a soft texture and creamy taste grassy and sour.

Caciotta Mbriaca o Vinum
Caciotta cheese is pasteurized raw pasta. obtained from the milk of goat breed Girgentana. The soft and elastic. Has a low cholesterol content, in fact, is also indicated in cases of intolerance to cow cheeses. The crust is thin, pale red to violet, due to maceration in wine Nero d'Avola.

Caprini Speziati
Goat cheese with fresh pasta and soft, made with lactic coagulation. During the processing phase are seasoned with white pepper, black, pink, poppy, pistachio, orange peel, cinnamon, marjoram and pepper. The flavor of these goats is truly unique, sweet notes of milk combine with special spices for a unique blend of flavors.