Fresh Robiola from Girgentana goat
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Robiola Fresca

Fresh and creamy Girgentana goat cheese

Robiola is produced from excellent Girgentana goat's milk through lactic coagulation. A delicious goat's cheese with a soft and creamy texture, with a delicate, slightly acidic flavor and a slight hint of goat. It is a fresh product, highly digestible and with low cholesterol content. It lends itself to being mixed with spices and aromatic herbs, or served with jams, fruit chutneys or chestnut honey.

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Very fresh Robiola from Girgentana goat's milk

A Slow Food Presidium, the Girgentana goat produces light and digestible milk with unique qualities. From such an extraordinary and also organic milk comes our Robiola, a lactic coagulation cheese produced with pasteurized raw milk. Small, round, without rind, Robiola is a fresh, spreadable, soft and creamy cheese with a delicate flavor in which notes of milk and butter combine with floral and acidic lemon essences. An extraordinary cheese to be enjoyed at the table spread on croutons or crackers or to be used in the kitchen to prepare countless recipes, from stuffed pasta to desserts. Try it mixed with finely chopped fresh onion, extra virgin olive oil and black pepper. Also good with citrus jams or honey.

Ingredients: Fresh whole goat's milk* (*from organic farming), milk starter (Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus), salt, rennet

Storage: in the fridge at +1/4°C

Nutritional information (average values per 100g of product)

Energy value: 68 Kcal (277 kJ)

Fat: 3.2 g of which saturated 2 g

Carbohydrates: 4.4 g of which sugars 4.4 g

Protein: 3.8 g

Salt: 0.1 g

Type of farming
Pasture all year round with integration of hay, broad beans, barley, wheat, oats and locust beans.
Lactic coagulation cheese from pasteurized raw milk. No rind, milky white colour. Low in cholesterol. Also indicated in cases of intolerance to cow cheeses.
Girgentana goat milk, sea salt, ferments, kid rennet.
Round shape soft deformable spreadable.
Smells and flavors
Low smell, fresh taste of milk and butter. Floral essences, lemon acidulous.
Lactose. Produced in a factory where dried fruit is used.
Wrapped in food film, in single packs or in heat-sealed bags of 5 pieces
Ways of use
Spread on natural bread or crackers or mixed with finely chopped fresh onion with extra virgin olive oil and black pepper. With citrus jams or honey. In the preparation of countless recipes.
In the fridge at a temperature of +2/+4°
60 days in unopened package

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