Mackerel fillets in olive oil
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Mackerel fillets in olive oil

Preserved mackerel in oil without preservatives

Firm and tasty mackerel fillets in extra virgin olive oil expertly and passionately processed by the Sicilian canning company Drago. Oily fish in oil, source of Omega 3 and Omega 6, without starches and preservatives. A seafood specialty ready to use to create delicious sauces and dishes rich in flavour.

  • 200 g

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Mackerel fillets in extra virgin olive oil – Drago Conserve

Drago mackerel fillets are one of the fish products richest in Omega 3. The best mackerel steaks, bled under running water and cooked in steel baskets with water and salt to keep the organoleptic and nutritional properties unchanged. The historic Syracuse company Drago processes mackerel in an artisanal and natural way. After cooking, he preserves it in excellent extra virgin olive oil without the addition of starches and preservatives to bring the authenticity of this extraordinary blue fish to the table. A preserve that is easy to use, tasty and loved by those who eat in a healthy way without sacrificing taste.

Ingredients: Mackerel (Scomber scombrus), extra virgin olive oil, salt. May contain traces of pistachios, almonds

Use: tasty fillets for appetizers, salads and main courses with a side dish of potatoes and vegetables. Excellent for preparing a tasty mackerel ragù with which to season various pasta shapes, from paccheri to spaghetti

Storage: after opening, store in the fridge, adding, if necessary, a drizzle of oil to cover the fillets. Consume within 3 days

Net weight: 200 g

Dried weight: 130 g

Average nutritional values per 100 g

Energy (Kj – Kcal): 1927 - 467

Fat (g): 44.2 of which 4.16 saturated

Carbohydrates (g): 0 of which sugars 0

Protein (g): 16

Fibers (g): 2.5

Salt (g): 1.1


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