Sale of Sicilian fish products tuna, bottarga, anchovies, mackerel

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Try our range of ready-prepared canned fish for quick tasty meals and, if you fancy being adventurous, have a look at our recipes. Try  range of ready-prepared canned fish, including tuna, mackerel, sardines, kippers and salmon, for quick tasty meals.

Anchovies Fillets In Olive Oil
Controlled fishing, fleshy and tasty pulp thanks to the greater quantity of fat, the anchovies of the Cantabrian Sea are among the best and best known in the world. The careful craftsmanship of the fillets also includes salting and conservation techniques of Italian origin thanks to the Sicilian who was the first to discover their quality.
Belly of Tuna
Tuna belly is the most succulent and flavorful part of the tuna fish.
Tuna belly consists of fillets of meat with a gelatinous texture and a rich flavor with a perceptible taste of tuna fat. This product is widely used both to make appetizers and in salads. It is usually conserved in olive oil.

Bottarga in olive oil
Tuna Bottarga soaked in extra virgin olive oil.It is considered to be the Mediterranean’s version of caviar! Tuna Bottarga has a taste rich, and can make an incredible addition to pasta sauces or sliced on bread.
Fillets of Salmon in brine
Select the very best salmon fillets to ensure you serve a truly special dish, ideal for those striving to maintain a balanced diet yet refusing to compromise on taste.Its flesh is extremely soft, aromatic and full-flavoured, making it one of the most valuable fish around.
Salted sardines
This preserve was born as a product typically made by the fishermen themselves. The production was then also extended to other entities operating in the food sector. Once the fishermen kept the product in the cellars, a place where conservation takes place at optimal levels, on a par with cured meats and cheeses.
Fillets of tuna in olive oil
The tuna is cut into slices and cooked in salted water to keep the organoleptic properties intact. After the phase of peeling and eliminating the bones, the slices are cut into fillets and placed in glass jars.
Tuna Chunks in soya bean oil
The tuna, cut into slices, is cooked in water and salt. Subsequently it is deprived of the thorns and cut into slices. The pieces of tuna are the part of the backbone, placed in glass jars filled with soybean oil. It is ideal in the preparation of cold dishes, salads or first courses.
Mackerel pate
Mackerel Patè is a spreadable cream prepared with mackerel, tomato sauce, olive oil, salt, parsley, wine vinegar, sugar, capers, red pepper. It is a natural product and rich in nutrients.
Mackerel fillets in olive oil
The Mackerel is manually deprived of the head and entrails, and cooked in water and salt. The phase of preservation of the product follows the phase of peeling and elimination of the bowels. The slices cut into fillets are placed in glass containers and filled with olive oil.
Salmon fillets in olive oil
The salmon, cut into slices, is cooked in water and salt in order to keep its nutritional properties intact.
After the peeling and elimination of the bones, the slices are cut into fillets and placed in glass jars, preserved with olive oil.
Tuna and Swordfish Cream
It is a tuna and swordfish based cream with olive oil and lemon juice. The fish, already boned, is homogenized with the addition of olive oil, salt and lemon juice, without the addition of preservatives.