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Buy online at and receive Drago's fish products skilfully handcrafted and packaged according to Sicilian tradition directly at your home. Find the best preserves of fish fillets such as tuna, mackerel, salmon and swordfish, creams and pates to prepare delicious canapés for aperitifs and ready sauces to season your dishes.

We select for you only the best Sicilian companies and the best typical Sicilian products.

Present in Syracuse since 1929, the Drago Sebastiano company is a Sicilian company that has been working fish for generations and handing down its conservation techniques. The fish is cleaned by hand and preserved both naturally and in olive or seed oil. The whole process of manufacturing and preserving fish products takes place without the use of chemicals, preservatives, flavor enhancers or starches. The result is an artisanal and quality product appreciated not only in Italy but also in 18 countries around the world.

Belly of Tuna
Tuna belly is the most succulent and flavorful part of the tuna fish.
Tuna belly consists of fillets of meat with a gelatinous texture and a rich flavor with a perceptible taste of tuna fat. This product is widely used both to make appetizers and in salads. It is usually conserved in olive oil.

Bottarga in olive oil
Tuna Bottarga soaked in extra virgin olive oil.It is considered to be the Mediterranean’s version of caviar! Tuna Bottarga has a taste rich, and can make an incredible addition to pasta sauces or sliced on bread.
Fillets of Salmon in brine
Select the very best salmon fillets to ensure you serve a truly special dish, ideal for those striving to maintain a balanced diet yet refusing to compromise on taste.Its flesh is extremely soft, aromatic and full-flavoured, making it one of the most valuable fish around.