Kabir Moscato di Pantelleria DOC Donnafugata
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Kabir Moscato di Pantelleria DOC Donnafugata wineries

Moscato di Pantelleria sweet wine

Kabir Donnafugata is a natural Sicilian sweet wine obtained from Zibibbo or Moscato di Alessandria grapes grown on alberello Pantesco, a "creative and sustainable" practice recognized as a UNESCO heritage site. It is an extremely pleasant aromatic wine, perfectly balanced between the sweet taste and the unusual salty and mineral nuances that make it unique.

  • 75 cl.
  • 2022

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Moscato di Pantelleria DOC Kabir by Donnafugata

Elegant and balanced interpretation of Zibibbo which denotes a clear and balanced aroma. Splendid aromas of melon and orange peel, rose and honey crown a highly satisfying gustatory impact. It is moderately sweet, fresh and savory and has a contained alcoholic structure. The name Kabir, in Arabic "The Great", is a tribute to the aromaticity of Zibibbo, the nobility of its aromas and the heroic viticulture of Pantelleria put to the test by the wind and waves.

Denomination: Moscato di Pantelleria DOC

Type: Sweet wine

Grape Variety: 100% Zibibbo (Moscato d'Alessandria)

Production Area: Pantelleria island, south-western Sicily

Altitude: from 20 to 400 meters above sea level

Soil: fertile sandy soils of lava origin with a sub-acid or neutral reaction, rich in minerals

Climate: mild and little rainy winters, dry and windy summers

Average age of the vineyard: 50-60 years but some plants are over 100 years old

Cultivation system: vines grown in Pantelleria saplings inside basins

Density of plants per ha: from 2,500 to 3,600 plants/ha

Grape yield per ha: 50-60 q/ha

Harvest: manual harvest between 12th and 16th September

Vinification: once in the cellar the grapes are further selected on the vibrating table before being subjected to soft pressing

Fermentation: carried out in steel at a temperature of 14-16°C

Aging: in tanks for three months

Bottle refinement: three months in the bottle before being marketed

Analytical data of the wine: total acidity 7.1 g/l, pH 3.36, residual sugars 109 g/l

Alcohol content: 11.5% vol

Color: bright straw yellow

Nose: broad fruity and floral bouquet. The aromas of tropical fruit and floral notes of orange blossom are combined with delicate salty and mineral nuances

Palate: balanced and persistent with a slightly spicy finish

Pairings: dessert wine excellent to accompany fruit salads, ice creams, tarts and desserts. It pairs well with goat cheeses, anchovies, tuna bottarga and smoked fish. Try it with spaghettoni with bottarga and smoked swordfish with aromatic herbs

Glass: small to medium sized

Serving temperature: 12°C

Longevity: 5-6 years

First vintage: 1991

Bottled at origin by the Azienda Agricola Donnafugata S.r.l. – Marsala (TP) - Italy

Moscato di Pantelleria DOC
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