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Passito di Pantelleria DOC

The perfect balance between freshness and sweetness makes Ben Ryé 2021 one of the most sought after and appreciated sweet wines in the world. A seductive Passito di Pantelleria produced from Zibibbo grapes with the Alberello Pantesco system, a practice recognized as a UNESCO heritage site. Packaged in an elegant case, Ben Ryé is a prestigious gift that offers memorable sensations to those who savor its essence.

  • 75 cl.
  • 37,5 cl.
  • 2021

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Seductive sweet wine Ben Ryé Passito di Pantelleria DOC - Donnafugata wines

Ben Ryè is a Passito di Pantelleria with an unmistakable personality. Rich and complex from an olfactory and gustatory point of view, Ben Ryè by Donnafugata amazes and conquers with its extraordinary balance between freshness and sweetness. His name, from the Arabic "Son of the wind", is a tribute to the wind, a constant element of the island of Pantelleria which with its strength carries with it the scents of the island. The signature label sweetly celebrates the care and effort of heroic viticulture on Pantelleria, a wonderful and unique island.

Denomination: Passito di Pantelleria DOC

Type: Sweet wine

Grape Variety: 100% Zibibbo (Moscato di Alessandria)

Production Area: Pantelleria island, south-western Sicily

Altitude: from 20 to 400 m above sea level.

Soil: sandy soils of lava origin, deep and fertile, rich in minerals

Climate: sun and wind characterize the climate of Pantelleria. The winters are mild and little rainy, the summers dry and windy

Average age of the vineyard: over 60 years. Some plants are over 100 years old

Training system: low Pantelleria tree

Density of vines per ha: 2,500 plants

Grape yield per ha: 40-50 q/ha

Harvest: from 16 August to 8 September. The harvest lasts almost a month due to the different altitudes of the land. The grapes are harvested manually in boxes and carefully selected

Vinification: in the cellar the grapes are selected again and then subjected to soft pressing

Fermentation: in steel at a controlled temperature. Hand-picked and carefully selected raisins are added several times to the fermenting must. During the maceration phase, the raisins release an incredible sweetness, an extraordinary freshness and a unique aroma. The process of winemaking, fermentation and maceration lasts over a month

Aging: in tanks for 8 months

Bottle refinement: at least 12 months before being marketed

Total acidity: 7.2 g/l

pH: 3.78

Residual sugars: 197 g/l

Alcohol content: 14.40% vol

Color: golden with bright amber reflections

Nose: very intense bouquet with fruity notes of apricot, yellow peach and candied orange peel, tropical notes of mango and papaya, followed by aromas of Mediterranean scrub

Palate: intense and persistent, with an extraordinary balance between freshness and sweetness. Fruity notes and hints of aromatic herbs are found, combined with sweet nuances of honey

Pairings: Extraordinary meditation wine to drink even on its own, Ben Ryè is perfect with caramelized duck, blue cheeses, foie gras, tarts with jam or ricotta, dry pastries and chocolate

Glass: medium size, with slight flare

Serving temperature: 14°C. It can be uncorked at the moment

Longevity: over 20 years

First vintage: 1989

Bottled at origin by the Azienda Agricola DONNAFUGATA S.r.l. - MARSALA - ITALY

Passito di Pantelleria DOC
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I will back to this, exellent

By Sliwinski a. the 10/05/2019
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