The Nebrodi Black Pig

The Nebrodi Black Pig

But for dedicated pork lovers the Nebrodi mountains hold a trump card: they are home to an indigenous black-skinned pig called the suino nero. Once spurned by butchers because of its small size and thick coating of fat, this free-roaming pig is now enjoying a comeback. The Black pig of Nebrodi is a precious patrimony for its high quality meat both for local economy and for gastronomic pleasure. The meat is consumed fresh or transformed into salami, ham and bacon.

Nebrodi Black Pig Salami
The Black Nebrodi pig lives in thewild and feeds exclusively on acorns and chestnuts.
Prosciutto di Suino Nero dei Nebrodi
It is produced exclusively from the meat of  black pigs bred in the Nebrodi Mountains. This  native breed falls into one 144 principals of Slow Food and is inserted in the archive of Quality Products from the italian Coldiretti (Italian Farmers Association).Every ham has a certificate of traceability.
Guanciale o Buccularu di Suino Nero dei Nebrodi
Cheek or "Buccularu" from the black pig, its name derived from the dialect word "buccularu" meaning check of the pig.

Nebrodi Black Pig Capocollo
CAPOCOLLO FROM THE BLACK PIG it is produced exclusively from the meat of the black pig bred in Nebrodi. It takes its name from the cut of the loin nearest to the head of the pig.   
Lardo di suino nero dei Nebrodi
The suino Black of the Nebrodi, fruit of secular an evolutionary process, is raised to the state semibrado and brado in wide zones used after pasture. The lardo of this animal it introduces detached dowries of quality and genuinità and comes used is to the fresh, seasoned state it is tanned with chili pepper.

Pancetta (Bacon) from the Black Pig
The ambient adaptation and the breeder selection are the principal components of an evolutionary century that characterised the black pig. It is a churlish animal, a tireless walker and a good pastor. It has a black cloak with a robust bristle on its back that gives him the form of a mane.
Dried Nebrodi Black Pig Sausage
The Nero Siciliano, also called black swine of Nebrodi, is an autochthonous Sicilian breed of very ancient origin. This pig is reared under extensive or semi-extensive management mainly in the Nebrodi mountains of the Messina province in the island of Sicily. 
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Salame Sant'Angelo
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Salame S. Angelo PGI is a large-grained stuffed charcuterie product, obtained through the processing of prestigious cuts originating from pigs belonging to the Italian Large White, Landrace and Duroc breeds or other similar breeds compatible with the Italian Heavy Pig.
Salame Siciliano al Pistacchio
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Salami Pistachio is made from fresh pork, ground medium grain and season with salt and pistachio, which is crushed whole. It has a sweet, delicate flavor and has a 'typical aroma.

Prosciutto di Suino Nero dei Nebrodi senza osso
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It's a Slow Food Presidium. Fragrant aroma, taste slightly salty. At the end of maturation period of not less than 12 months, ham off the bone and is presented without a hand.

Rolled Pancetta of Nebrodi Black Pig
This cold rolled underbelly of pork meat is eaten raw. It is restricted quantities using the underbelly of free-range pigs that are bred all around the area of the Nebrodi mountains.
Nebrodi Black Pig Cooked Ham
The Black Pig Nebrodi is a breed native Sicilian rustic and old, held grazing inside the Park of the Nebrodi Mountains, in the province of Messina.
Cosciotello di Suino Nero dei Nebrodi
Unique and innovative product, obtained from the most valuable part of the pork leg. This delicious type of ham is unmistakable in taste and appearance, thanks to the characteristic lard border in its lower part.
Fiocco di Suino Nero dei Nebrodi
The main characteristics of our Nebrodi Black Pig flake are: Ease of cutting and storage, high yield when cut, total absence of preservatives and/or various chemical additives, and last but not least its particular pleasantness on the palate, given by the simplicity of ham made only from mature and heavy pigs.
Nebrodi Black Pig Mortadella
Artisanal Nebrodi mortadella
Produced only with meat from the prized Nebrodi black pig and flavored with whole pistachios, Nebrodi Black Pig Mortadella is a quality artisanal product. The slow oven cooking for up to 24 hours at a constant temperature gives the black pig mortadella an irresistible fragrance and taste.