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Vegetables in oil

Assortment also includes vegetables in extra virgin oil. These delights are available in nine flavors: grilled artichokes, grilled eggplants,  dried tomatoes, filled spicy peppers, olives,  peppers. Vegetables in oil are traditionally made: fresh vegetables are salted and sundried. Depending on the recipe, they are flavored with spices or simply scalded or grilled. The vegetables are eventually dipped into extra virgin olive oil.
Vegetables in oil can be used to prepare colored appetizers and typical Italian specialties, such as bruschettas and frisellas.

Sicilian caponata of fried vegetables and sweet and sour sauce
Freshly picked vegetables and greens to prepare the best Sicilian caponata according to an ancient traditional Pantelleria recipe. One of the most popular and well-known typical dishes of Sicilian cuisine, consisting of fried vegetables seasoned with an irresistible sweet and sour sauce. Good and ready-to-eat caponata for appetizers and appetizing side dishes.
Chillies with anchovy
These are small chili peppers that are stuffed with tuna, anchovies, capers and parsley.Are free of preservatives and artificial coloring. Serve these little fish stuffed peppers as an appetizer or as part of a really elegant antipasto.
Olives with orange zest
The stuffed olives are ideal for elegantly accompany appetizers or snacks. Are pitted, stuffed with orange peel and preserved in fine extra virgin olive oil. The result is a combination of flavors unique and inimitable.
Olives with lemon zest
The olives are pitted and filled by hand with the lemon zest. They are suitable for hors d'oeuvres or appetizers. The fragrance of the lemon combined with the olives creates a real treat that you can serve with meat dishes such as chicken or turkey.
Whole Mushrooms
Mushrooms are a product made with the best quality wild mushrooms and carefully selected. Mushrooms are characterized by strong taste and tantalizing aroma and unmistakable.
Dry tomatoes
Cultivated in the countryside of Sicily, dried tomatoes are handpicked, hand washed, and hand selected ensuring quality, flavour, ripeness, and good colour. After the selection process, the finest tomatoes are then partially dried and packaged with oil, ensuring the product is free from any commercial, chemical, or pasteurized processes.
Black Olive Pate
Delicious paté of black olives in extra virgin olive oil
Black olive paté is a condiment widely used to flavor pasta dishes, or as a cream to spread on canapés or bruschetta for delicious aperitifs. We could say that it is the heritage of all the rich olive-producing regions, such as Liguria, Tuscany and Sicily, which each prepare it with their own variations. What we offer you is produced on the island of Pantelleria with an excellent extra virgin olive oil.
Pate Olive White
You can add these pates to salads, pastas, pizzas or use them to go with vegetables, fish or white meat. As part of vinaigrette, its an original new way of dressing a salad.
Bronte PDO Green Pistachio Pesto
Pistachio Pesto from Bronte DOP - Sicilian sauces and condiments
The Pistachio pesto that we offer you is a high quality artisan product with 60% of "Pistachio Verde di Bronte DOP". Try this pesto made with the real Pistachios of Bronte DOP and you will discover the difference. This exquisite pistachio pesto is ideal for seasoning first and second courses of meat. Also excellent as a spread or on a slightly soft cheese for an aperitif.
Artichokes in oil
The artichoke, in the dialect cacuocciula, is a typical Mediterranean plant and finds its ideal habitat in Sicily. Famous is the festival of Cerda, a town where there is also a monument dedicated to the artichoke.
Passion of Sicily - Dried tomato paté
Appetizing Dried tomato cream to spread
Only genuine ingredients, harvested and processed according to ancient and traditional methods of Pantelleria to make this delicious paté of dried tomatoes, black olives and capers mixed with excellent extra virgin olive oil. An extraordinary ingredient to prepare delicious canapés and make your aperitifs more appetizing.
Capers and Oregano Paté
Delicious caper paté and Pantelleria oregano
Creamy caper pâté with extra virgin olive oil enriched with fragrant Pantelleria oregano. Natural Pantelleria product prepared without additives and without preservatives and slightly pasteurized. An extraordinary cold seasoning for delicious dishes and delicious aperitifs.
Dried tomato, capers and wild fennel in oil
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Condiment in oil for appetizers, first courses and side dishes – Kazzen Sicilian preserves
On we offer you one of the most appreciated preserves by lovers of Mediterranean cuisine, dried tomatoes in oil seasoned with capers and wild fennel seeds. Kazzen, an artisan company from Pantelleria, produces these tasty pickles from ingredients harvested, selected and processed with modern technologies to guarantee quality and safety but respecting Pantelleria traditions.