List of products by brand Birrificio Messina

The Messina Brewery is a cooperative company founded in 2014. When 15 of the 42 workers decide to invest their severance pay to continue producing beer. Thus avoiding the closure of the company. In short, they become workers-masters. The beer produced is only blond, the traditional Lager and an unpasteurized raw one.

Beer of the Straits Unfiltered Messina Brewery
The unfiltered beer of the Strait comes from the ancient Messina brewing tradition. Intense taste, strong and full-bodied on the palate. It will accompany the warm summer evenings, sincere laughter or a solitary break, and at each course it will stop time to enjoy the moments.
Birra dello Stretto Birrificio Messina
Birra dello Stretto is a high quality product with excellent notes on the nose and on the palate. Of course, in support of the best Messina tradition, it will be able to behave like a "bridge over the strait": this beer can only unite.
Birra dello Stretto Gran Premio Tre Luppoli
For the most refined palates we recommend Birra dello Stretto Gran Premio Tre Luppoli, a pure malt amber lager, with a low fermentation with a strong, pleasantly bitter taste.
Birra dello Stretto La Rossa - Messina Brewery
After the blondes, there is also the Birra dello Stretto La Rossa. The strength of a heroic enterprise in this intensely flavored red beer. A strong and robust citrus taste with a persistent aroma. A determined soul, like that of the 15 master brewers who continue not to give up.