List of products by Brand Cantina Caravaglio

The Caravaglio Antonino Agri Firm represents an example of eolian industry and comes from old country roots. Antonino Caravaglio, after having finished his agrarian studies, decided to dedicate himself to the vineyard of his family, in the Capo Gramignazzo little village, near Malfa, 100 meters above the sea level.

Antonino's studies helped in his selection of vines types, and he strived to obtain species best able to grow in untilled land. Antonino's main efforts were always to reach a product of greatest quality using old methods of traditions. His cellar was built in 1990 with modern technologies.

Antonino sells his production directly from the four hectares of well-maintained vineyard, added to the other fifteen hectares of which he is setting up. The Caravaglio's Malvasia delle Lipari D.O.C. vine is the true Malvasia vine, of which its taste hasn't changed.