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Tornatore agricultural company: Etna wines since 1865

For over 150 years the Francesco Tornatore Agricultural Company has been telling the story of the Tornatore family's great love for their land and Sicilian wine traditions. Francesco Tornatore's great-grandfather was one of the first to believe in the potential of a then undervalued territory and in the exceptional nature of Etna wines. So in 1865 he began his agricultural activity in the municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia, on the northern side of Etna. 

In 1910, grandfather Giuseppe began to expand the company with the construction of a millstone in the Piano Fiera district. Today the land used for vineyards falls in historic districts of Etna such as Crasà, Pietrarizzo, Malpasso, Pietramarina, Torre Guarino, Carranco and Trimarchisa, at an altitude that varies from 550 to 700 m above sea level. Thanks to the exceptional volcanic terroir, the mild climate characterized by strong temperature variations due to the proximity of the Nebrodi Mountains and the great production ability of the Tornatore family which combines tradition and modernity, Tornatore wines are of superior quality, complex and aromatically rich.

Tenuta Tornatore and its vast territory in the Etna DOC area

Among the Sicilian wineries on Etna, the Tornatore winery boasts the largest extension of vineyards in the Etna DOC area. In fact, it extends over approximately 100 hectares of fertile land, cultivated not only with vineyards, but also with olive groves and hazelnut groves.

In its precious lands, the Francesco Tornatore agricultural company cultivates only the native Sicilian vines characteristic of the Etna area: Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio, red grape varieties, Carricante and Catarratto, white grape varieties.

Recently the vineyards have been renovated to improve quality standards and maintain the bond with the territory and winemaking traditions as much as possible. However, particular attention was given, where possible, to the mechanization of the vineyards. A high number of vines per hectare was maintained (around 6,000) and the single cordon training system with 3/4 spurs was chosen. The grapes are harvested and selected exclusively by hand. The refinement of the wine is fundamental, which for the crus takes place in oak barrels and in an underground and isolated environment thanks to blocks of Etna basalt that cover the walls and floor of the barrel cellar.

Tornatore wines: synthesis of tradition, respect for the land and innovation

The Tornatore winery is a symbol of excellence in the Etna wine scene. For over 150 years it has been producing wines on the fertile northern slope of Etna. A viticulture that is as difficult as it is satisfying which gives unrepeatable wines with a unique character.

We have selected the most representative wines of Tornatore. You will be able to purchase the Etna DOC, Etna Rosso, Etna Bianco and Etna Rosato wines, the Pietrarizzo Etna Bianco and Pietrarizzo Etna Rosso crus of the prized Contrada Pietrarizzo, at 650-700 m above sea level, whose volcanic-rocky terroir, composed of volcanic rocks and magmatic, is the result of the breakdown of the lava flow of 1908. In addition to the Etna DOC wines, the white sparkling wine Brut Valdemone cannot be missing, a Charmat Method from Nerello Mascalese grapes vinified in white.

The wines produced by Tornatore boast the VIVA (Evaluation of the impact of viticulture on the environment) and SOStain (Save Our Soil) certifications, testifying to the fact that environmental sustainability from the exclusive use of renewable sources to agronomic practices that respect the territory is a choice of love towards the territory and future generations.

Valdemone Rosé Extra Dry Sparkling Wine Tornatore
Charmat method sparkling wine
Valdemone Rosato Extra Dry is a sparkling wine produced by Tornatore on the northern side of Etna, in Castiglione di Sicilia. Elaborated according to the Charmat Method, it is refermented in autoclaves where it ages for 6 months in contact with yeasts. Fresh and fragrant sparkling wine to accompany delicious appetizers for aperitifs.
Etna Rosso DOC Tornatore Wines
Red wine with the Etna DOC denomination
Etna Rosso from the Tornatore winery is born from the vinification of the two red grape varieties par excellence that characterize Etna viticulture, Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio. A red wine with an intense and spicy aroma, to be drunk at the table every day for its versatility and pleasantness, as well as for its excellent value for money.
Pietrarizzo Etna Bianco Tornatore wines
Noble cru from Etna white grapes
Pietrarizzo Bianco is one of the finest crus of the Tornatore estate obtained from native Etna grapes of the Carricante variety with a very small percentage of Catarratto. Etna Bianco Contrada Pietrarizzo is produced on the volcanic sands of the northern side of Etna in Castiglione di Sicilia, an area that has always produced wines of extraordinary freshness and minerality.
Etna Rosso Contrada Pietrarizzo Tornatore winery
Prized cru from the Tornatore estate on Etna
The Pietrarizzo red wine is one of the best crus of the Tornatore estate obtained from 100% native Nerello Mascalese grapes. Etna Rosso Contrada Pietrarizzo is produced on the volcanic sands of the northern side of Etna in Castiglione di Sicilia, an area renowned for the quality of its wines.
Etna Bianco Tornatore Wines
Carricante white wine characteristic of Etna
Etna Bianco by Tornatore is a 100% Carricante obtained from terraced vines on the northern side of Etna. Native white grapes which in Castiglione di Sicilia give wines of unparalleled freshness and minerality.
Etna Rosé Tornatore Wines
Nerello Mascalese from Etna vinified rosé
Etna Rosato Tornatore is obtained from native Nerello Mascalese grapes vinified in rosé, without maceration of the grapes on the skins. An important fragrant, fruity and delicate rosé wine with a good mineral note given by the exceptional volcanic soil.
Valdemone white sparkling wine Brut Tornatore
Charmat method of Etna
Valdemone Brut by Tornatore is a sparkling wine made from native Etna Nerello mascalese grapes vinified in white. Savory and mineral, Valdemone is obtained according to the Charmat Method. Unlike the Classic Method, the Charmat or Martinotti Method involves the second fermentation of the must in an autoclave and the result is a surprisingly fresh and fruity sparkling wine.