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The new Palari farm, in the beautiful Villa-settled Geraci dating back to the 1700s Sicilian, HAS taken anew the output of this ancient and noble wine with the aim of finding quality qui Back That made Faro worldfamous wine. Our vines extend Palari Themselves in the district in S. Stefano di Briga Messina, planted with grapes autoctonous, Whose names are just as old as evocatively fascinating: Nerello, nocera, cappuccio tignolino, core e palumba, acitana, galatena and many others. All thesis grapes enter in the process of producing controlled-appellation wine Faro.

Rosso del Soprano Palari
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His Rosso del Soprano, a blend based on a wine known in antiquity as Mamertino, comes from the native Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, and Nocera grapes. 
Palari Faro DOC Palari
Faro DOC 2015 - Palari Winery
From the vineyards grown on the hills overlooking the Stretto di Messina, the Faro DOC of the Palari Winery is born, a Sicilian red wine of great finesse and complexity, an expression of the rich terroir of Messina and the dedication of the Palari winery to revive the historic DOC Faro denomination. Full-bodied wine with a fresh and slightly spicy finish, Faro Palari is one of the most sought-after red wines by connoisseurs.