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Buy the fine Langhe wines from the Rizieri winery on The Rizieri winery extends over an area of 14 hectares in Diano d'Alba, one of the municipalities famous for the production of Barolo, and was born from the passion for wine of Arturo Verrotti di Pianella. Despite not having a family winemaking tradition behind him, Arturo Verrotti di Pianella began producing Rizieri wines in 2009, carefully cultivating 7.5 hectares of owned vineyards in the Sorì del Ricchino area of Arneis, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera, Merlot and one hectare exclusively in Nebbiolo for Barolo in the municipality of La Morra.

Attention to environmental sustainability thanks to the photovoltaic system, respect for the terroir and vineyards cultivated without the use of herbicides and reducing the use of pesticides to a minimum, and almost exclusively manual processing in the vineyard and in the cellar are the fundamental principles of the cellar Rizieri. In addition to respect for nature, the other important element of the Rizieri philosophy is time. In fact, the wines are left to mature and rest for as long as necessary to develop the organoleptic characteristics, the intense character and the extraordinary elegance that make the wines of the Langhe winemaking tradition unique.

We offer you extraordinary traditional Piedmontese wines such as Nebbiolo d'Alba and Barbera d'Alba Sbilauta but in a modern key just as modern is the basement cellar which, together with the historic nineteenth-century farmhouse, constitutes the beating heart of the company.

Wines of excellent quality, structured and long-lived thanks to refinement not only in steel but also in barrels made of fine wood obtained from oaks, centuries-old trees indispensable for the protection of winemaking traditions, so much so that they are depicted in the company logo of the winery.

Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC Rizieri winery
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Traditional wine from the Langhe
Nebbiolo d'Alba from the Rizieri winery is a pure Nebbiolo produced in the heart of the Langhe from the careful selection of the best Nebbiolo bunches. A still, harmonious and structured red wine, similar to Barolo in bouquet and elegance, an authentic expression of the great winemaking tradition of the Langhe area.
Barbera d'Alba DOC Sbilauta Rizieri
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Traditional red wine from the Langhe
Barbera d'Alba Sbilauta from the Rizieri winery is a pure Barbera produced in the heart of the Langhe by selecting the best Barbera bunches. From this recently re-evaluated traditional Piedmontese vine, Rizieri has created a fresh and lively Barbera, elegant and soft, excellent to drink.