List of products by Brand Magiantosa Opificio sull'Etna

Magiantosa factory on Etna - Online sale of Sicilian artisanal liqueurs

Buy Sicilian bitters and Etna gin produced by Magiantosa in Ragalna, Sicily, in the heart of the province of Catania on Founded by the three partners Matteo, Gianfranco and Antonio, Magiantosa is a start-up that produces artisanal liqueurs with passion and respect for Sicilian tradition using selected raw materials found in the Etna hinterland.

We offer you the Etna Gin Magiantosa obtained from the infusion of spontaneous botanicals from Etna and the very Sicilian bitters Lumìa and Aranciu, produced from the two citrus fruits that best symbolize the Sicilian territory, the lemon and the orange, with a careful and meticulous system that takes a good two months.

Tradition and quality characterize Magiantosa liqueurs whose expertly blended smells and perfumes give Sicily in a simple sip.

Aranciu - Bitter with orange
Sicilian bitter of blood oranges
Arànciu Bitter is born from the infusion of 20 carefully selected medicinal herbs and the best Sicilian blood orange peels. Sicilian artisanal liqueur with a dry character and a strong taste that conquers you from the first sip. An unmissable digestive at the end of a meal, also excellent for mixing cocktails.
Lumia - Amaro al Limone
Sicilian natural digestive
Artisanal liqueur produced in the heart of the Etna park, Lumia bitter is born from the infusion of 20 medicinal herbs and the best Sicilian lemon peels. Amaro Lumia the best Sicily there is.
Etna Gin by Magiantosa
Juniper distillate and Etna botanicals
Magiantosa Etna Gin comes from spontaneous botanicals harvested on the southern side of Etna in the summer months. Produced according to the traditional method, it is an intense gin with spicy and floral notes.