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In 1624 Don Giovanni Antonio Marrocco et Orioles whose family since 1328 had ruled as Lords of the Manor of Serramarrocco, situated in the heart of Sicily, was created by King Philip IV of Spain as the first Baron of Serramarrocco. This high honour was bestowed by the Spanish Monarch, who ruled the Kingdom of Sicily at that time, in recognition of Don Giovanni Antonio’s considerable military and civil service as Captain of Justice of Salemi. 

Furthermore the King granted to His captain other feudal lands, well Know to His Majesty as one of the best domains of the island for wine making. To celebrate this event Serramarrocco, is being produced. Since its very first vintage Serramarrocco has been ranked amongst the top 50 italian wines, and together with Nero di Serramarrocco, Baglio di Serramarrocco and Grillo del Barone, Tenuta di Serramarrocco’s wines are constantly listed amongst the finest of Sicily.

Baglio di Serramarrocco Tenuta di Serramarrocco
Made with 100% nero d’avola grapes and vinified only in stainless vats. A medium bodied wine caracterized by its excellent balanced structure, and by is bouquet of complex notes of liquorice, blackberry currant fruits. A deep ruby colour with crimson flashes.
Nero di Serramarrocco Tenuta di Serramarrocco
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Made with 100% nero d’avola grapes. It boasts a dense purple color with classic aromas of cassis, liquorice, and Mediterranean soft black fruits revealing the essence of its Sicilian character. On the palate tannins are elegant and mellow, with great length.