List of products by Brand Cantina Murgo

The Estates of the Scammacca del Murgo family, following gradual and continuous investments, have been transformed from ancient fiefdoms to modern productive farms, optimizing production techniques and financing continuous experimentation in the search for the best quality varieties.

A historic Etna estate that I believe has always produced Etna wine for commercial purposes. It is made up of three companies led by the sons of Baron Emmanuele Sammaca del Murgo. The vineyards are planted on the eastern side of the volcano and the estate is located in Santa Venerina just below the village of Zafferana.

Ancient and very innovative traditions, Tenuta dei Murgo is today an example of hospitality and green industry. Respect for ecology is a must that surrounds the activity of producing electricity for the consumption of organic materials and products. The estate is the hub of the Scammacca farms. Inside you can find the cellar, the restaurant and the farmhouse. You can then buy the wine in our wine shop dedicated to Italian wines produced on Etna.

Etna Rosso Murgo
This wine is closely linked to the traditions of Etna and the specific soils which are found on the volcano. The techniques employed in its production heighten the varying characteristics of the grapes