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Representative wines of Etna

Order the refined Valenti wines produced in Passopisciaro, an Etna area famous for the production of fine Etna DOC wines, online on

Valenti cellars was born in 2004 in Passopisciaro, a hamlet of Castiglione di Sicilia, from the dream of Giovanni, Francesca and Alessandro. Where an ancient distillery once stood, the Valenti family creates a company that extends over over 30 hectares of land, cultivated with vineyards with the exception of a small portion of olive grove.

Etna's native vines

The vineyards are grown almost entirely with Nerello mascalese and Carricante, native Etna vines, and fall across 6 districts unique in the world, Guardiola, Santo Spirito, Arcuria, Bonanno, Corvo and Pietramarina. The peculiar pedo-climatic conditions of each district give life to characteristic, structured and aromatic wines.

Selection of Valenti Etna DOC wines

We have selected for you red, white and rosé wines with the Etna DOC denomination such as Norma, Enrico IV, Poesia, Puritani and Enrico IV Contrada Santo Spirito. L'Innesto, a white wine from Nerello Mascalese, and the "Orange wine" Ciuri di lava, a Carricante with an unusual orange colour, could not be missing either.

The secret of the extremely high quality of these wines lies in the care of the vineyards: the soil is worked with a hoe according to the ancient peasant tradition and all the work in the vineyard from pruning to the exclusive harvesting of the best bunches is carried out manually.

Excellent wines produced with passion, sustainably and organically to bring an unforgettable experience to the table.

Etna Rosso Norma Valenti wines
Valenti and his red Etna wine
In Passopisciaro, the Etna area which is by far the most suitable for the production of extremely elegant wines, Valenti wineries produces its Norma. Mineral and fruity Etna Rosso, Norma is a wine produced in the Bonanno district, on the northern side of Etna.
Poesia Etna Rosé Valenti Wines
Nerello Mascalese vinified rosé
Poesia is the Etna rosé from Valenti Wineries. The aromaticity of the Nerello Mascalese, the minerality of the lava territory of Etna and the freshness thanks to the rosé vinification, contribute to making Poesia a wine of exceptional finesse.
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Enrico IV Valenti wines
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Carricante dell'Etna organic wine
Enrico IV by Valenti cellars is a pure Carricante with the characteristics of this white grape variety typical of Etna. An organic white wine of exceptional finesse and volcanic character, perfect for fresh aperitifs.
L'Innesto Valenti wines
Nerello Mascalese vinified in white
L'Innesto by Valenti is a dry white wine made from Nerello Mascalese grapes. An organic wine, L'Innesto is characterized by a marked minerality. Its bouquet is rich in aromas and its great refinement makes it ideal for any occasion.
Ciuri di lava Valenti wines
Carricante wine "Orange wine"
The Ciuri di lava wine from Valenti cellars is born from the lava terroir of Etna, a dry white wine made from 100% Carricante grapes. Its peculiarity is its amber color, so much so that it is defined as "Orange wine".
Enrico IV Contrada Santo Spirito - Valenti wines
Etna Bianco DOC
Enrico IV Contrada Santo Spirito by Valenti is a Carricante wine from Etna that ages in barrique. A quality white wine, with good structure, aromatically rich.
Puritani Etna Rosso Valenti wines
Etna Rosso DOC from the Guardiola district
100% Nerello Mascalese, Puritani is a red wine representative of the extraordinary wine production of Passopisciaro. Valenti wineries produces this excellent Etna red DOC from very ancient pre-phylloxus vineyards present in the Guardiola district, selecting bunches of the highest quality.