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Bomapi - Online sale of typical Sicilian liqueurs!

Buy online on and receive Sicilian liqueurs and Sicilian citrus infusions produced in the traditional way by the Pistone Brothers directly at your home.

You will find a wide availability of Rosoli all year round, including Rosolio with Pistachio, and Amari, such as Amaro Della Rocca with Orange or Amaro Maliquò with many herbs. We also recommend Murika, Modica's chocolate liqueur and Gin Ionico, a marine gin with a salt flavor.

We offer you only Sicilian products made with the best raw materials of the Sicilian territory. We select for you only the best Sicilian producers.

Since 1998 Bomapi has been a Sicilian reality at the foot of Mount Etna created by the Pistone Brothers. The continuous experimentation with different botanicals in search of unique recipes and the production of Private Label Liqueurs distinguish the Sicilian liqueur factory Bomapi.

Cinnamon Rosolio
Cinnamon Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Buy Cinnamon Rosolio in our store, an artisanal liqueur that will make you rediscover the scent of oriental spices. The intense aroma of cinnamon and the soft taste of this Sicilian liqueur with digestive properties will pleasantly accompany your desserts.
Prickly pear Rosolio
Prickly Pear Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Among our choice of Sicilian products, we cannot miss the Rosolio di Ficodindia, made with prickly pears from Etna. Let yourself be seduced by the scent and color of this artisanal prickly pear liqueur, perfect for any occasion.
Herbal bitter Maliquò
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Maliquò, herbal bitter - Sicilian product!
As an aperitif or as a digestive at the end of a meal, try Maliquò, a Sicilian herbal bitter made with cold maceration of cereal alcohol with herbs and aromatic plants such as eucalyptus, gentian and mugwort.
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Amaro Della Rocca with herbs
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Amaro della Rocca - Traditional Sicilian liqueur!
An ancient herbal bitter, Amaro della Rocca is a traditional liqueur from Sicily, excellent at any time of the day.
Amaro Della Rocca with Orange
Amaro Della Rocca with Orange - Traditional Sicilian liqueur!
Amaro Della Rocca with Orange is an all-Sicilian bitter. The infusion with alcohol from cereals of herbs, roots and especially blood oranges give a unique and original taste to this delicious liqueur.
Grappadinero Silver - Grappa of Nero d'Avola
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GrappaDiNero Silver - Sicilian Grappa of Nero d'Avola!
GrappaDiNero Silver is a grappa produced by the distillation of pomace of Nero d'Avola grapes in purity. Transparency in color and softness on the palate make GrappaDiNero Silver a young quality grappa.
Grappadinero Gold - Grappa of Nero d'Avola
GrappaDiNero Gold - Sicilian Grappa from Nero d'Avola!
GrappaDiNero Gold is a grappa produced by distilling the best pomace of 100% Nero d'Avola grapes. Aged in barriques, Grappa Di Nero Gold is a quality barricaded grappa with hints of wood, spicy, soft and enveloping on the palate.
Tangerine Rosolio
Tangerine Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Buy Tangerine Rosolio in our store, an artisanal liqueur with a citrus scent obtained from the infusion of Sicilian tangerine peel in alcohol. Experience the freshness and soft taste of this Sicilian tangerine liqueur.
Fennel Rosolio
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Fennel Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Among the typical Sicilian products, the Fennel Rosolio cannot be missing, an excellent digestive liqueur obtained from the infusion of wild fennel, very popular in our Sicily. The intense and aromatic flavor and the sensation of final freshness make this artisanal liqueur a must at the end of a meal.
Pistachio Rosolio
Pistachio Rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Among the typical Sicilian products, the Pistachio Rosolio, an artisanal liqueur with a sweet taste that will make you think you are tasting a dessert, cannot be missing. It is obtained from the alcohol infusion of the green heart of the best Sicilian pistachios, the green gold of our Sicily. Pistachio Rosolio is a delicate liqueur that will seduce you with its sweetness.
Pistachio Liqueur Cream
Pistachio Liqueur Cream - Sicilian product!
Try the Pistachio Liqueur Cream as a topping to enrich ice cream and fruit salads. Its pistachio scent and its creaminess will conquer your guests.
Orange Rosolio
Orange rosolio - Sicilian artisan product!
Among the typical Sicilian products, you cannot fail to try the Orange Rosolio, a very fragrant artisan liqueur obtained from the infusion of 100% Sicilian orange peel in alcohol. The freshness and persistent aroma of this orange liqueur will pleasantly accompany every end of a meal. It is a versatile liqueur that you can also use to prepare cocktails or flavor fruit salads and creams.
Gin Ionico - Marine Gin
Gin Ionico - Gin Marino with salt crystals!
There are three qualities that make Gin Ionico an inimitable gin: the very high quality of the juniper distillate, the intense citrus scent and excellent flavor. In fact, its name recalls that of the Ionian Sea due to the taste of salt, typical of the sea. It is an explosion of essences from our Sicily.
OroMoro - Liqueur with orange infusion
OroMoro - Sicilian artisan product!
OROMORO is the most authentic Sicilian distillate that contains the scents of our Sicily. It is the result of a unique and original mix of Nero d'Avola distillate, a native grape variety, and an infusion of Moro Oranges, a variety of blood oranges typical of the Etna area. It is a very fragrant, well-structured orange liqueur with a persistent aroma.
Murika, Modica Chocolate Liqueur
Murika, Modica Chocolate Liqueur - Sicilian artisan product!
Let yourself be tempted by the creaminess of the Modica chocolate liqueur, Murika. It is a lactose-free Sicilian artisan liqueur. Its sublime taste will win you over.
Lemoncello from Sicily
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Lemoncello of Sicily - Bomapi
Bomapi's Lemoncello di Sicilia is a typical Sicilian artisan liqueur, made with the best peel of Sicilian lemons matured under the sun of our beloved land. With a unique and creamy taste, this liqueur is reminiscent of homemade limoncello.