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Wine cellars Florio form Marsala is one of the main productive truths of the Sicily. For more than two hundred years the Florio brand has been synonymous with Marsala in the world. It was Vincenzo Florio who started production in 1833, building the splendid tuff stone cellars in Marsala that still today evoke the entrepreneurial spirit and passion of the family that reinvented Sicily, giving it a modern face and soul. The Florio family, a family of enlightened entrepreneurs, demonstrate an out-of-the-ordinary foresight, diversifying their interests and managing a long series of commercial activities on their own, including: the tuna traps, the shipping company, the foundries and the factory of pottery.

Florio Amaro Della Compagnia
Amaro Florio Elisir of the Company – Typical Sicilian Amaro
At the end of the meal let yourself be conquered by the Amaro Florio, a amaro with a long tradition and a strong personality, produced according to an ancient secret recipe. Amaro Florio is also known as Amaro or Elisir della Compagnia because during the 1800s it was reserved exclusively for the crews of the vessels of the Compagnia di Navigazione Florio which transported colonial foodstuffs and spices from the Far East.
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Brandy Florio
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Brandy Florio was born in Sicily right in the center of the band that experts call the sun band. Wine distillate obtained with artisanal methods handed down over time and left to age in oak barrels for over 10 years.
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Grappa di Morsi di Luce Florio
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The great aromatic potential of the Zibibbo grapes grown on the volcanic lands of the windy island of Pantelleria is what makes Grappa Morsi di Luce so uninque. It is the fruit of the masterly and careful distillation of the marc in steam pot stills. This grappa captures all the hints and scents rich of the sunny warmth and aromas typical of Zibibbo grapes.
Marsala Superior Vecchio Florio Florio
Colour - amber-coloured with old gold highlights. Aroma - extremely fine with scents of raisins and vanilla. Flavour - warm and full, with an elegant finish of bitter almonds and raisins. 
Terre Arse Florio
Colour - old gold with golden highlights. Aroma - extremely fine with scents of bitter almonds and burnt honey. Flavour - dry, extraordinarily balanced with an aristocratic finish of vanilla and liquorice roots. 
Morsi Di Luce Florio
Colour - bright golden colour with topaz highlights. Aroma - intense and balanced, with clear scents of apricot, elder blossoms and toasted hazelnuts. Flavour - full, smooth and velvety with scents of acacia honey, citron peel, elder, sage and a pleasant finish of fruit in syrup and vanilla.

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Malvasia Delle Lipari D.O.C. Florio
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Colour - intense golden colour with copper highlights. Aroma - wide and rich of unique scents of honey and medicinal herbs like rosemary and oregano. Flavour - sweet, full and smooth,well-structured, pleasantly aromatic with sharp scents of the Mediterranean maquis, raisins and dried apricots. 
Zighidì Florio
With a golden color and amber shades, this wine unravels a sophisticated array of flowers smell, dried figs, raisins and walnuts ins to complete its bouquet.
Oxydia Zibibbo Florio
Oxydia is produced from a selection of the best Zibibbo grapes ripened on the island in the warm African wind Intense and aromatic it has a strong, complex bouquet, with distinct notes of apricot. Ideal with desserts, fresh and dried fruit. Wonderful with spicy cheeses.
Ambar Florio
Ambar is produced from a selection of the best Moscato grapes ripened under the warm island sun. This golden nectar has slight amber highlights, an intense bouquet and a full, soft flavour with hints of acacia honey and pleasant underlying notes of dried figs and raisins.
Oltre Cento Marsala Florio
Obtained from Grillo and Catarratto grapes, Oltre Cento is a Marsala Superiore Dolce, the last born of the Florio marsala. Maturation in oak barrels for at least 24 months is one of the secrets of its quality.
SS1516 Marsala Superior Dry 2016 - Florio
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The strength and scents of the sea, within the Sicilian hinterland, give life to Marsala Superiore Secco, made within the Florio cellars.
An elegant wine that is excellent for important occasions and pairs perfectly with fish dinners and lunches.
SD1217 Marsala Superior Sweet 2017 - Florio
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Sweet Marsala with a unique energy, made inside the very famous Florio cellars, in Sicily.
For years, thanks to passion and care for raw materials, Florio has managed to create products that fully reflect the quality of the territory, from the climate to the traditions, managing to amaze from generation to generation.
SR0301 Marsala Semi-dry Superior Reserve 2001 - Florio
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Marsala Semisecco with 20 years of aging in the Garibaldi Florio cellars, in Sicily.
A sweet wine that is born a stone's throw from the sea in oak barrels, where the oenologist Tommaso Maggio, through his passion and the quality of the territory, creates Marsala in its many organoleptic forms.
Targa Riserva 1840 Florio
Colour - bright amber colour with topaz highlights. Aroma - marked with clear scents of dates, apricots and stewed prunes. Flavour - full, warm, smooth and velvety with a fine finish of dried fruit. 
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Florio wine - Florio unfiltered wine
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1st Florio Wine - Unfiltered dry white wine
Vino Florio is the 1st wine of the Florio winery, which has always been known for the production of extraordinary Marsala. Produced in very limited quantities, Vino Florio is an unfiltered dry white wine, the same wine that will become Marsala over time. Expression of the vintage, of the rhythm and harmony chosen by the Enologist, Vino Florio is a wine with a rich and savory character, a high alcohol content and an intense scent of flowery fields and the sea.