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Sicily magical place, where the scents, the colors, the flavors of a unique land dance with life, envelop you in an irresistible and inebriating atmosphere. Centuries of delicacies to be tasted slowly.

Nero d’Avola is Sicily’s oldest native grape and rightly deserving of the high acclaim which it now receives.
Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio are smaller players amongst Sicily’s leading red grapes but are key natives around Mount Etna. The two are blended to create Etna Rosso.
Cerasuolo di Vittoria, which blends Frappato and Nero d’Avola, is more famous in the south east around Ragusa.
Other red grapes include Calabrese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah (originally from southern France).

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Làvico Duca di Salaparuta
The slopes of Mount Etna have always been the perfect habitat for Nerello Mascalese, in terms of both maturation and aromatic expression. Làvico, produced here in the enchanting Vajasindi estate, sums up Nerello Mascalese’s decisive and slightly wild character in a refined manner and is a true expression of its territory of origin and the volcano.

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Megara Duca di Salaparuta
Megara is a red wine produced from grapes Frappato and Syrah. Mellow and soft, fruity, fragrant pink and purple, red wine takes its name from Megara Megara Hyblaea, city of Magna Grecia, located north of Syracuse, in the heart of the triangle of the great Sicilian red. The maturation of Megara is the case for 12 months in cement vats at a controlled temperature.

Triskelè Duca di Salaparuta
A refined blend produced from Nero d’Avola and Merlot grapes, aged at length in wooden barrels to produce a red wine with great personality, it has a strong character with a well-balanced combination of colour, bouquet and flavour. Grown on land that is part of the Suor Marchesa estate.
Duca Enrico Duca di Salaparuta
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The first single varietal wine to be produced from Nero d’Avola grapes in the history of Sicilian wine, it was first made in 1984. The idea of this noble wine originated from the desire to produce a great Sicilian red wine that could stand alongside the highest quality wines in existence in the international wine-making industry.
Suormarchesa Passo Delle Mule Duca di Salaparuta
A single varietal wine produced from Nero d’Avola grapes, first produced on the sinuous and well-ventilated hills of the Suor Marchesa estate, in the hinterland of the southern part of Sicily, where grapes reach full maturity under the late September sun.

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Calanìca Syrah Duca di Salaparuta
Calanìca Duca di Salaparuta is a Sicilian red wine from Syrah grapes, grown on white and limestone hills. Ruby in color, it has an intense, fruity, spicy aroma and a rich, broad and velvety flavor.
Nawàri Duca di Salaparuta
Nawàri is a single varietal wine produced from Pinot Nero grapes that expresses the distinctive features of the land from which it originates and for this reason constitutes a unique experience; a wine of rare elegance with a strong, distinctive personality.

Sciaranèra Duca di Salaparuta
This is a new red wine from Duca di Salaparuta 100% Pinot nero.Both in nose and in mouth you can feel the perfect match between fruit and spices with a bouquet of red berries blend with floral scents and pronounced spicy notes.In mouth it is velvety and smooth with an elegant perception of tannin.
Oniris Rosso Duca di Salaparuta
Onìris Rosso by Duca di Salaparuta is a very fruity wine, with a modern, full and persistent character, ideal for spending moments of lightheartedness. Indicated as an aperitif, it is also excellent with tasty fish and white meats.