List of products by cellars Fatascià

Fatascià is a young farm, a farm of young enthusiasts who are passionate about their work, and who believe in the great potential of their land, Sicily. An island with a wealth of tradition, culture and arts, warmth and passion, with natural resources that are splendid, strong and varied. A nature that is fertile and unique, rich with products that are unique and appetising.

In the same way as the Fatascià products aim to be. As, in our opinion, are: Almanera, produced in the rich hills of Castelbuono, it’s a Nero d’Avola 100% with typical sicilian taste; L’Insolente, produced after a careful selection of the best vineyards, grapevine and grapes in Castelbuono, it’s a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with an international taste; Ylenia Passito di Pantelleria d.o.c., with the charming and intriguing taste. Today, Fatascià, after a careful selection, offers you the products of the best areas of Sicily, wines so rich, warm and sun as the grounds of the South that produce it.