List of products by cellars Principe di Corleone

Nestled amid the hills around Corleone, in the districts of Malvello and Patria, the rows of vines cultivated with great dedication by Pippo, Vincenzo and Lea Pollara wend their way across the slopes. It is here, in the very heart of the Monreale D.O.C. zone, that the three siblings have turned their love for wine into a profession. The family's passion is channeled into the endeavor to produce ever-improving versions of traditional Sicilian wines that have the capacity to express the true winemaking potential of the island. 

The emphasis is on showcasing varietal character through the exclusive use of the finest grapes from each vineyard, which are painstakingly selected and hand-picked before undergoing soft pressing. The winemakers then leverage their consummate expertise to create prestigious wines of unrivalled quality, which are then sold around the world under the Principe di Corleone label. The Pollara family has shown that it has the wherewithal to provide a consolidated response to recent changes in the market and in consumers' tastes by reinterpreting the great traditions of Sicilian viticulture through wines that are very much in synch with the modern palette.